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Our luxury travel experts are constantly on the move, and, obviously, Europe is one destination that delights everyone. With so many European countries to choose from, it can be hard to know what to do when planning a luxury escape to Europe. From the ancient ruins of Italy and Greece to the gourmet delights of France and Spain, luxury travel here is an absolute delight. Let’s begin.

Eguisheim Alsace: Wine Route Guide

Hailed as the quintessential village on the Alsace Wine Route, Eguisheim is a dream for those who love to sip wine and stroll the 13th century streets

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Visit Slovenia: 10 Fascinating Facts

From boasting Europe's tallest chimney to being the real life Narnia, there are a ton of facts about Slovenia that will convince you to drop everything

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7 Portes: Best Paella in Barcelona

Glorious seafood, a historic setting and some of the world's finest paella make 7 Portes the star of the show in Barcelona's dining scene. Tip, try the Rich…

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Afternoon Tea In London: British Experience

Afternoon Tea in London is a major draw for those dashing across Europe and wanting to stop by a small glimpse of authentic English culture, or at least it…

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Savoca Sicily: Catacombs and Coppola

Film set of 'The Godfather' the Sicilian gem of Savoca perfectly captures the rustic way of life where you can sip lemon granita and visit the catacombs

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Wild Swimming: Best in Europe

Strip down and prepare to take the plunge in some of the best wild swimming spots in Europe, from the grottoes of the Cote d'Azur to the great Italian Lakes

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Lanzarote Beaches: My Top 5 Choices

Lanzarote is one of the gorgeous Canary Islands which sit in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa.

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