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Our luxury travel experts love everything Middle East. With such a variety of cultures and destinations to choose from, the Middle East needs to be explored time and time again. From dancing all night in Beirut to shopping all day in Dubai, luxury travel might be at its best in the Middle East. Join us.

Premier Le Reve Hotel and Spa – Luxe Retreat in Egypt

Nestled between regal blue waters and sweeping sand dunes the Premier Le Reve Hotel and Spa boasts lavish suites, a Turkish spa and sheer Egyptian luxury.

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Emirates Palace – Ultimate Luxury in Abu Dhabi

Luxury travel doesn't come finer than the seven star wonder of the Emirates Palace in Dubai with its thousand chandeliers, gold suites and royal clientele.

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5 Luxurious Restaurants in Dubai

A luxury urban oasis in the desert, with the most luxurious restaurants in Dubai you can dine on the Arabic Gulf or perched on top of the world.

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Cavalli Club Dubai – Luxury Evening for Jetsetters

Fireworks, champagne and fine jewelry all come out to play in the exclusive designer Cavalli Club Dubai where luxury living is taken to new heights.

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The Exotic Car Fetish in Dubai

From flash Ferrari's to four wheel desert drives, life in Dubai is all about living in dizzying luxury and the exotic car fetish pulls out all the stops

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Lahore – Lively Mix of Old and New

Luxury Lahore is hailed as the Paris of India with its international fashion scene, pearls of laughter drifting from lavish hotels and elite country clubs.

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Karachi Tourism Guide – What to Do

Adventure travel with Karachi tourism invites you to explore a world of taste and texture, from overblown bazaars to beaches, this is the city that shines.

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Dubai Mall – Lavish Shopping Experience

The Kingdom of Riches delivers a lavish shopping experience especially at the Dubai Mall, with everything from luxury high end stores to exotic animals.

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Lakeview Wellness Centre & Spa by L’Occitane – Enchanting the Senses in Tiberias

On the Sea of Galilee you can indulge in a luxury escape behind stone walls for mineral rich treatments by L'Occitane at Lakeview Wellness Centre & Spa.

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Beirut Nightlife – Top Rated Nightclub Experiences

Lebanon's capital is a smorgasbord of sensuality, style and creative cocktails. For those seeking luxury after dark indulge in the best of Beirut nightlife.

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