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Our luxury travel experts are somewhere far away from home, trying to find the best luxury travel experiences from around the world. With so many countries to explore, we choose to travel at the speed of turtles to ensure that we don’t miss a beat in any given destination. We understand that your time is precious and that you may not have the luxury to travel the world as freely as we do, therefore, we have curated the best for you.

City Travel – 20 Cosmopolitan Choices

From the romantic canals of Venice to the sultry sands of Rio, these cosmopolitan destinations are first class choices for those who love city travel

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Country Travel – 20 Inspiring Options for Jetsetters

From the flavors of Italy to the temples of India and the cultural awakening of Cambodia, those seeking country travel can be inspired by these choices

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Top 20 Island Destinations

From the spiced shores of Zanzibar to the gleaming blues and whites of Greece, these dream island destinations deliver the best in luxury escapes

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Santorini Travel – Pure White and Blue

The poster child of Greece boasts rich painted sunsets, white washed beauty and incredible blue waters for swimming and snorkeling with Santorini travel

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Bar Cocoa – Chocolate Love at the Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte

Chocolate lovers will fall head over heels with the rich indulgences on offer at Bar Cocoa in the Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte steeped in confectionery charm

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Huntington Hotel Private Wild Game Dinners

Indulge in fine dining with Brazilian piranha and Himalayan Yak on the table with an extravagant culinary experience from San Francisco's Huntington Hotel

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Emirates Palace Marina – Luxury Marina for Superyachts

The promise of impeccable service and first class luxury makes the Emirates Palace Marina a highly sought after spot for those seeking superyacht bliss

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Zmianatematu cafe

Art and culture paves the way at the exclusive Zmianatematu cafe nestled in Poland's happening city of Lodz with innovative designs and inspiration

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Calivigny Island – Private Custom Travel

Private Caribbean bliss is waiting to welcome you to Calivigny Island where blissful beach villas, unbridled luxury and fishing combine for a dream stay

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Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina – Caribbean Escape

Gourmet markets, pristine marina views, lavish spa treatments and secluded sands makes the Scrub Island Resort a true jewel in the British Virgin Islands

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