Luxury Yoga Retreat: Where to Go on a Yoga Escape for a Transformative Experience

This year is the year where you finally decide to treat yourself to that oh-so-desirable bucket list item – the luxury yoga retreat hosted in a dreamlike setting.  But where to go when you can easily find a yoga studio on every corner of every city of the world. Somewhere wild and beautiful of course! Yoga escapes are not just about transitioning from downward dog to cobra or from mountain pose to warrior one, they are about connecting with your inner-self by aligning your body, mind, and soul with the energic flow of Mother Earth.

Practicing yoga between four concrete walls in a small studio above a popular lunch venue is probably not what the original yogis had in mind when they unleashed their teachings to the world. Obviously, practicing yoga anywhere is better than not practicing at all, but when it comes to rewarding yourself with a luxury yoga retreat, allow yourself to dream of calming natural vistas, soothing flower smells, and inviting chirpings sounds in a peaceful and serene setting. Let your yoga mat whisk you away to an intoxicating distant land. Maybe go even as far as India, Peru, Mauritius, Austria or Botswana.

And remember, a luxury yoga retreat is not about snapping Instagram selfies nor about browsing the web to stay up to date with the Kardashians. To maximize your yoga escape, and make it a trip of a lifetime, you first need to commit to disconnecting from your digital self. Leaving that cell phone home, or at the very least, hiding it in your hotel safe for the duration of your yoga trip will give you a better chance to fulfill your transformative experience.

From Yin Yoga to Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga to Pranayama, if you are longing for a complete holistic wellness experience to rejuvenate your senses and rekindle your love for life, our luxury yoga retreat guide will help you kick-start your search and, hopefully, allow you to tick-off that luxury lifestyle bucket list dream of yours. Keep your Lululemon or Lole yoga pants on as you browse through our selection of the best luxury yoga retreats in the world.

9 Luxury Yoga Retreat for a Transformative Experience

luxury yoga safari retreat - Made in Africa
Photo: Made In Africa

Luxury Yoga Safari and Retreat in Botswana – 11 days

When you think yoga trip, you may not be thinking lions, elephants and zebras, but this is exactly what you will get if you decide to combine the deep sense of relaxation and tranquility of a luxury yoga retreat with a once-in-a-lifetime African safari experience. Morning yoga practice and afternoon meditation sessions held in pristine African bush will help you reconnect with yourself through movement and breath while at the same time create memories that will last a lifetime. And rest assured, you can take selfies with your new wildlife friends on this luxury yoga safari. Just make sure to breathe deeply before you do.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Loving several daytime or nighttime game drive in open safari vehicles.
  • Admiring your favorite African animals up close and realizing that they need our dedication and love, now more than ever.
  • Practicing your favorite yoga pose in a setting like no other.
  • Sleeping peacefully in a luxury camp while listening to the sounds of wild Africa.

Where: Botswana (Central Kalahari Game Reserve > Okavango Delta > Savuti > Chobe) with Made In Africa

When: Dates available throughout the year.

Price: From $11,685 per person ( single occupancy) for this luxury yoga retreat in Botswana.


luxury yoga retreat - Tambo Ilusion - SUP Yoga

Yoga and Nourishment Detox Amazonian Retreat in Peru – 8 days

Detoxing, a word that scares some and excites others is, in fact, nothing else than giving your body a chance to eliminate all the accumulated toxins allowed in due to dietary and environmental factors. Don’t be scared, the detox process is effortless when you have someone like Johanne Delisle guiding you along every step of the way. By combining a simple yet delicious diet of fresh fruit extracts, superfoods and healthy balanced vegan and gluten-free meals with an easy schedule of swimming, walking, stretching and daily yoga to help you move the toxins through your body, this beloved wellness coach will guide you towards a new you. The focus will be on cleansing your liver, the body’s workhorse, but, in fact, you will feel like you have eliminated so much more.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Waking up to peace and serenity in a jungle setting.
  • Swimming or practicing SUP yoga in a natural lagoon amidst the chirping sounds of Amazonian birds.
  • Feeling complete inner-peace after a session of restorative yoga held at sunset in a traditional Amazonian hut.
  • Enjoying vegetarian and gluten-free foods and realizing that your body, mind, and soul all feel so much better when you feed it just the right things.

Where: Johanne Delisle at Tambo Ilusion in Tarapoto, Amazon, Peru

When: Dates available throughout the year

Price: From $1500 per person single occupancy for this luxury yoga retreat in Peru


Photo: Still Point Lodge

Adventure, Nature & Nurture Yoga Retreat in Alaska – 6 nights

Alaska is a dream destination for those who seek wild and unspoiled natural beauty, and what better way to experience Alaska than splurging on an eco-lodge luxury yoga retreat that combines adventure, leisure, and wellness. Fulfill your need for adventure as you take a helicopter or a float plane for a day of bear, volcano, and glacier viewing. Improve your physical fitness as you hike, bike or kayak through scenic passages full of wildlife. Disconnect from it all while reconnecting with your inner-self through a daily practice of Vinyasa and Yin yoga. And at the end of the day, return home to your cozy yet luxurious bed for a night of blissful sleep.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Surrendering and meditating in the mindfulness cabin.
  • Mindfully walking along the path of a peaceful labyrinth.
  • Exploring the beauty of Alaska as you boat, hike or kayak along Glacier Lake.
  • Deepening your relaxation with daily yoga practice, a soak in a hot tub and an hour-long full body massage.

Where: Still Point Lodge in Halibut Cove, Alaska, USA

When: Dates available between May 23 & September 23

Price: From 7,650 per person single occupancy for this luxury yoga retreat in Alaska


luxury yoga retreat - Kamalaya - Thailand
Photo: Kamalaya – Thailand

Embracing Change Program in Thailand – 4 nights

Sometimes we need something to change at the very core of our being before we can continue forward and embrace a new life direction. Identifying the elements that need letting go is not always easy, but when alongside a team of wellness professionals to guide you through every step, the challenge doesn’t seem as overwhelming. A new you is within reach if you learn to let go of emotionally-driven eating habits, relationship issues that are holding you down and work-related difficulties that are causing you anxiety and grief. Explore your inner life, address current life issues and learn effective tools that will help you restore your emotional balance all while exhaling deeply in a luxury setting.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Getting to know your body a little better with a body bio-impedance analysis.
  • Closing your eyes, relaxing and unwinding during your 90-minute traditional Thai massage.
  • Embracing world-famous Thai hospitality as you accept the change happening within you.
  • Being initiated to traditional Chinese medicine and new-found knowledge to take home with you.

Where: Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand

When: Dates available throughout the year

Price: From £3,518 per person single occupancy for this luxury yoga retreat in Thailand


luxury yoga retreat - Vana-India
Photo: Vana, India

Heavenly Escape & Personalized Program in India – 7 nights

Escape, discover, heal – the choice is yours. Isn’t it the ultimate luxury to have a wellness program designed exclusively for you? Of course, it is! You deserve nothing but the best, especially when you finally allow yourself a little pampering. From Ayurveda to traditional Chinese medicine, from Tibetan healing techniques to Watsu massages in a warm woob-like pool, from Sufi singing sessions to mindful walks in an intoxicating herb garden, nothing is forgotten at the Vana Malsi Estate. And if food is something you crave, you will be delighted to know that the chefs are masters of wellness cooking and upon your arrival, they will design a menu that suits your own body type and retreat objectives. Delicious.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Gaining all the benefits of a wellness program designed exclusively for you.
  • Learning about the added value of healthy eating in a culinary class held in an organic garden.
  • Enjoying views of the lychee and mango plantation surrounding this world-class sanctuary.
  • Picking from a vast selection of wellness treatment. The menu is something you have never seen, so go ahead, and splurge a little.

Where: Vana Malsi Estate in Malsi, Dehradun, India

When: Dates available throughout the year

Price: From £3,375 per person single occupancy for this luxury yoga retreat in India.


luxury yoga retreat - Como Shambhala Estate
Photo: Como Shambhala Estate

#6 – Luxury Well-Being & Holistic Health in Bali, Indonesia – 7 days

Think pristine beauty and haven of serenity when dreaming about escaping your ordinary and stressful daily routine. Simply said, imagine yourself in Bali. As one of the world’s most beloved destination spas, the Como Shambhala Estate is often considered to be one step above the rest. Everything is carefully designed to maximize your pampering through a completely immersive, 360-degree wellbeing experience. Enjoy various Asian and Western holistic treatments and therapies to achieve your personal wellness goals. Stay active with plenty of outdoor activities such as trekking, cycling, rafting, and canyoning. And eat the delicacies selected to suit your needs.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Getting pampered by your very own personal assistant throughout your stay (one assistant assigned per residence and villa).
  • Appreciating your bespoke eating plan prepared with the resident nutritionist and resort chef, and learn what foods your body needs to stay healthy and nourished.
  • Learning to love martial arts including Tai’Chi and Qigong with beginner’s lessons.
  • Enjoying the sunrise at the top of Mount Batur after completing a 1-3 hour invigorating early morning climb.

Where: Como Shambhala Estate in Bali, Indonesia

When: Dates available throughout the year

Price: From £3,295 per person single occupancy for this luxury yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia.


luxury yoga retreat - Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Austria
Photo: Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

#7 – AyurDetox & Weight Loss Intensive Program in Austria – 7 days

On the high plateau of Austria’s Thiersee Valley sits a natural paradise where you can enjoy all the benefits of Ayurvedic philosophy without the long-haul travels to India. At 900m of altitude, here, the air is fresh, and the views are spectacular, allowing you to embrace the surrounding holistic energies with ease. Through an individual diet program aimed at experiencing sustained weight loss, and targeted detoxing measures and treatments that will help your body expel toxins, once you have completed your luxury yoga retreat, you will feel a sense of lightness and vitality like no other.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Feeling re-energized after your Vinhesh (energy massage), and at peace after your Shirodhara (flowing oil treatment).
  • Noticing the benefits of Virechana, a day of purification, and of Udanavata, a special abdominal massage.
  • Being mindful of your surroundings with daily yoga and meditation sessions.
  • Improving your knowledge of nutrition to remove unnecessary toxins from your future daily food intake.

Where: Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Austria

When: Dates available throughout the year

Price: From £2,440 per person single occupancy for this luxury yoga retreat in Austria.


luxury yoga retreat - amangiri
Photo: Amangari

#8 – Earth, Wind, Fire & Water Wellness Experience in Utah

Achieve a state of equilibrium by embracing the all-encompassing philosophy of the Navajo people who have made the Four Corners region of Utah their home for centuries. The foundation of these ancient healing ways promotes the respect of the four elements of life and destruction – earth, wind, fire, and water. Spending time at Amangiri, a luxury wellness and adventure resort, is just what you need to get in touch with your inner-self while reconnecting with your environment. The spa resort offers a section of à la carte Movement Journeys or inspirational experiences that are truly unique in every way.  The names alone inspire a luxury escape to Utah – Desert Sky, Desert Wind, Desert Storm and Desert Fire.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Learning about smudging, a cleansing technique that intends to clear any negative energy, allowing healing to take place.
  • Admiring views of the Mesa during candlelit restorative yoga evening sessions.;
  • Experiencing the unique sensation of floating which will surely bring you into a deep meditative state at the Floatation Pavilion.
  • Enjoying the fresh air while out on a hike in the nearby Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park or Monument Valley.

Where: Amangiri, Utah, USA

When: Dates available throughout the year

Price: Prices vary according to special requests and spa package.


luxury yoga retreat - shanti maurice
Photo: Shanti Maurice

#9 – Traditional Ayurvedic Dinacharya + Beach Experience in Mauritius

Cleanse your body, revive your mind, and calm your soul all while discovering the unreal beauty of isle Mauritius.  With a focus on balancing the mind, body, and soul to achieve better overall health, the wellness activities available at this luxurious beach resort will leave you wanting for nothing else than a few extra days in paradise. You can alternate your time perfecting your yoga, enjoying state of the art hydrotherapy, or taking a dip in the aqua-colored ocean waters. And remember to rejoice in the traditional local cuisine which balances delicious flavors with rejuvenating nourishment, a cooking technique that blends ancient Ayurvedic concepts with modern day spa-orientated nutrition.

Luxury yoga retreat highlights:

  • Encompassing all aspect of life by practicing Hatha Yoga in a luxurious setting;
  • Golfing at the nearby prestigious 18 hole Avalon Golf Estate;
  • Feeling blessed to experience the white-sanded beaches of the resort in all tranquility;
  • Splurging on a Watsu treatment or a sensory revitalization therapy treatment after a day of pure relaxation.

Where: Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa in Mauritius

When: Dates available throughout the year

Price: Prices vary according to special requests and spa package.


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