Malmaison Hotel Reading: Dark Splendor

Nothing can be more romantic than the idea of being stranded in the English countryside and spending the night in an old world converted rail dwelling. Ok, ok, Reading may not quite be the countryside (in fact it’s a lively action packed city) but the Malmaison is certainly an old railway hotel, barely even a stone’s throw away from the tracks. This is a hotel that has undergone quite the revamp, turning it from a dusty pile of bricks and mortar into something that seems to echo with the bling of boutique.

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Malmaison Hotel Reading prides itself on its dark and moody vibes, which for some may feel a tad oppressive, but others will adore the fact that it only adds to the glamor. Being in the very heart of Reading you can feel free to explore every nook and cranny out on the street before returning to an oasis of calm. The welcome of deep wintery colors, plush fabrics, gentle spotlights and staff who cannot wait to help you feel at home leaves you feeling soft and fuzzy inside.

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Being whisked through meandering corridors doused with ambient lighting, up and down and into your suite you will find white fluffy beds waiting to transport you to a world of golden slumber, low-key lighting, thick dark drapes that seem more fitting in Henry VIII’s chamber and a sprig or two of bright flowers that pulsate against the dark wood furnishings and contemporary flair.

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Gliding into the bathroom and there’s plenty of room for pampering. Drench showers, Anatomicals toiletries, even more somber lighting, and thick luscious cotton towels to wrap around yourself before falling into a heap on the cloud like bed we mentioned earlier.

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Yet before you let the sandman into your dreams, head downstairs to the Malbar where a happening scene buzzes into the small hours. Everything seems to be so sumptuous to the eye and to the touch, here gorgeous patrons swish around a room bedecked in dark woods and plum, dark and stormy drinks arrive like a bolt of lightning, and bottles of champagne seem to bead on the ice.

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Those who are feeling peckish can order towering blue burgers, simple drizzled Caesar salads, steak and frites and smoked haddock fishcakes served with a poached egg and spinach. In the Brasserie it quickly becomes clear that French flavor has arrived in Reading with finesse, here you can taste grilled lobster béarnaise, fresh moules cooked in frothy beer, tuna mignon and veal bolognaise, all paired with sommelier inspired wines to bring that touch of romance to your evening.

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After a delectable dinner and cocktails downstairs, wander in a dream back to your room where perhaps a long linger in the roll-top wooden tub will soak away the day. Use the free Wi-Fi to catch up on emails or if on a romantic break peruse the wonders of the minibar, stretch out on the stylish bed and shut out the outside world.

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