Martha’s Vineyard: Where Magic Unveils

The magic of Martha’s Vineyard comes to life every summer when the wooden boardwalks, bright blue waters and elegant candied cream mansions call.

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Image Source: By David Berkowitz via Flickr

There is nothing like the scent of salt water, sweet freshly mown grass and the arresting sight of roses clinging to white picket fence posts to tempt you out of doors and this is what you can find waiting on Americas favorite affluent holiday spot answering to the charming name of Martha’s Vineyard.

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South Beach is one of the most pristine stretches of sand you can find on the island, the sand is squeaky clean underfoot, the shoreline littered only with the soft curve of conch shells, and the Atlantic swell surges in and then out again leaving white foam and silver mist lingering.

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Image Source: By Alberto Fernandez Fernandez via Wikimedia Commons

This is the place to sit down on a soft blanket, uncork a bottle of chilled wine and watch the sunset dance across the sky in her crimson dress flecked with gold. Even though the hands of the clock tick forward, it seems to stop a little longer in Martha’s Vineyard, there is still that charming simplicity of summer, of creaking porch swings, dappled sunlight through trees, cold beers brewing in the ice box and wild barley and flora tingling in the air.

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Image Source: By William Waterway via Wikimedia Commons

Of course, you need to seek this side of the island as now in the hazy heat of July it is better known for its Gatbsyesque parties of twinkling lights and top shelf spirits.

Oak Bluffs is one of the liveliest spots on the island and a place where white lawn furniture stays full of people until long after dusk, where the tinkle of laughter carries long into the evening and where independent upmarket restaurants greet you with a smile. There is so much to do in Martha’s Vineyard and so little.

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Image Source: By David Berkowitz via Flickr

Sure you can fill your days with lighthouse walks, melting ice cream cones, splashing in the playful surf and hitting up all the parties in your little black book, or you could just pour yourself a lemonade, grab a good book and sit on the porch until the moon rises turning the world around you into an enchanted spell.

Top Image Source: By Arwcheek via Wikimedia Commons

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Jodie Oakes

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