Mauritius – Exhilarating Water Sports in Paradise

The island of Mauritius is an ideal location for all kinds of water sports. The warm, calm waters constitute perfect conditions whether you are a beginner or have extensive experience. The variety of water sports on offer cater to all tastes and preferences. This is the best way to inject some adrenaline into a relaxing beach holiday and get a taste of adventure travel.


It was while I was in Mauritius that I first snorkeled. Our equipment was loaded into a boat and we took a short trip to the nearby coral reefs. The color and variety of the marine life was simply astounding. The water was warm and calm – perfect for the boatload of beginners I accompanied. I only had one regret: I was not a qualified scuba diver and couldn’t explore the beckoning depths from a closer proximity.

Mauritius watersports opportunities snorkeling


Although Mauritius is generally surrounded by calm seas, there are several spots on the western coast that provide good conditions for surfing. The most popular spot is Tamarin Bay, where the Black River meets the Indian Ocean. It’s great for both beginners and experienced surfers. Half an hour away is Le Morne, where you will find the surf spot known as One Eye Wave. However, this location is strictly for experienced surfers only.

Mauritius watersports opportunities surfing

Kite Surfing

Mauritius is well known for having ideal conditions for kite surfing. Calm waters and constant winds provide the perfect setup for those who are learning as well as those who are more proficient. There are lots of competent instructors who will help you manage both board and kite to discover this exhilarating sport.

Mauritius watersports opportunities kite surfing

Scuba Diving

I can confidently say that Mauritius should be at the top of all scuba divers’ bucket list ideas. The entire island is surrounded by magnificent reefs that deserve an entry in your log book. The exotic underwater world can be experienced through any number of qualified dive schools located all along the coastline.

Mauritius watersports opportunities scuba diving

Water Skiing and Jet Skis

Mauritius enables you to experience exhilarating sports such as water skiing and jet skiing in safe yet fun conditions. You can adjust the speed and course of these activities to best suit your particular level of skill and comfort.

Mauritius watersports opportunities jet skiing

And the list goes on…

There are lots of other water sports available on this scenic island. If you can think of it, Mauritius offers it. Other exciting options include sea kayaking, wind surfing, parasailing, sea hovers, body boarding and boating.

Emma Flemming

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