Mazina Dubai Brunch: Global Cuisine

Friday marks the beginning of the weekend for many in Dubai, and that means one thing: brunch. At Mazina Dubai, diners can enjoy a contemporary reflection of global cuisine for brunch on the weekends, prepared by the restaurant’s multicultural chefs. Presented on several stations throughout the main dining room, the food selection is unbelievably fresh and offers guests an opportunity to try fine dishes from around the world.

Located at The Address Dubai Marina, Mazina is very bright and spacious, with a main dining room, outdoor terrace overlooking the Dubai Marina, and a second dining room that has an inflatable bounce house for kids. The restaurant is also lively, especially during brunch on Fridays when guests can enjoy a live band singing acoustic versions of hit songs.

Mazina Dubai Brunch 1

For brunch on Fridays and Saturdays, Mazina serves an eclectic variety of European, Arabic and Asian dishes from its five kitchens. Some of the foods you can expect to see include: Thai red curry chicken, roast turkey, chicken fricassee, fish n’ chips, black forest pork, salmon, roasted lamb leg, pork salami, eggplant caponata, vegetable dim sum, chicken satay, apple and mint shooters, and many more.

Mazina Dubai Brunch 2

Pictured below are a few creative starters presented in mini shooter glasses. The second one from the top is beetroot salad, with fresh greens and chunks of beets. The bright colors from the greens and beets work together to create a beautiful, colorful presentation.

Right below the beetroot salad is musali, made with milk, yogurt, oats, grated fruit, and topped with blueberries. The musali is a perfect breakfast treat – it’s creamy, light and very tasty.

Mazina Dubai Brunch 3

There is also a Peking duck station, where the chefs create a small appetizer by cutting thin slices of the duck and wrapping them in a small tortilla with fresh greens and hoisin sauce. This is a simple appetizer, but the distinctive flavor and tenderness of the duck bring it to another level.

Mazina Dubai Brunch 4

The endless options don’t stop at the main course. During brunch, Mazina offers a wide selection of desserts to indulge in, from cinnamon cheesecake and mango pudding to macaroons and marshmallows dipped in chocolate fondue. Pictured below is the creamy and delightful vanilla panna cotta with the raspberry mousse, which is sweet and has a great, fluffy texture.

Mazina Dubai Brunch 5

Mazina serves delicious brunch every Friday and Saturday from 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. The cost is AED 280 per person with soft beverages or AED 395 per person with free flowing house beverages. Children six years and under enjoy complimentary meals, and kids between seven and 12 years olds enjoy half priced meals. If you decide to celebrate an occasion or event at Mazina, the staff offers custom-made cakes which you can order one day in advance.

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