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Ever since arriving in the jasmine and sun lotion scented streets of Tel Aviv I had done nothing but eat, drink and walk. Whether it was hummus and bread in some back street store, handfuls of black cherry tomatoes at market, thick yoghurt and fruit at breakfast or eggplant drizzled with tahini, I had tasted it all. Yet I knew that on Saturday mornings, the day after Sabbath, a time when the port filled with people and the beaches thronged with glazed bodies and beer, that there was only one thing on the menu – brunch.

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There’s no doubt that brunch has become something of an institution in the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv; with the day free to linger lovingly as you please, what could be better than walking beneath the lavender blossom-lined boulevards to the chintz and silver cutlery of the magical Mendeli Street Hotel. As soon as you enter you are greeted by a buzzing scene, art adorns every surface, the open plan bar invites you to grab a stool and perch over coffee and one wall is completely flooded with green plants giving an outside inside approach to contemporary dining. Everything is bright and airy and streaming in natural sunlight, giving the impression that you are in a divine al fresco space whilst enjoying every air-conditioned comfort you could wish for.

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It’s not only hotel guests who drift down from the comfort of their pure cotton sheets to brunch but anyone who is anyone can be found here on a Saturday morning poring over the menu and perhaps the most extravagant buffet you could ever hope to see. To get into the swing of things we order a round of freshly squeezed orange and carrot juice to sip alongside our coffees. After agonizing over the menu and its many incredible choices of eggs, I finally opted for the Florentine, wooed by the promise of beautiful poached eggs served with salmon, spinach, and a cilantro pesto. Whilst waiting for the eggs to arrive I made my way to the buffet where table after table groaned beneath the weight of a thousand heavenly sent dishes.

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Walnut breads dark and divine sat next to crusty baguettes adorned in seed, light as a dream pastries whirled and croissants oozed with butter, taboon pastries filled with cheese and eggplant were stacked high and breakfast pizzas beckoned with all the delectable gooey goodness they could muster. Salads of grilled tomato in every color, torn basil leaves and roasted peppers promised to bring a dab of freshness to the palate, pickled herring doused in herbs, silver slithers of anchovies and freshly cured salmon reminded you of the sea splashing not far from the doorstep.

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Then of course the hummus table, every kind of hummus scattered and dashed with every kind of divine treat, eggplants were grilled and splashed with tahini, cauliflower was roasted and offered the same treatment and bottles of yoghurt waiting to be dressed with fresh strawberries and granola lay like ladies in waiting.

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Yet despite the plethora of food this isn’t a brunch that leaves you feeling like you need to go back to bed, this is a brunch that hits that sweet spot and leaves you brimming with life and ready to face the day. Throughout my stay whenever I asked the question where can you find the best brunch in Tel Aviv it seemed the answer was always unanimous…the Mendeli Street Hotel.

Big thanks to the lovely people at Vibe Israel for inviting me to enjoy the bounty of their beautiful country. Vibe Israel is a non profit and non political organization, find out more at 

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