Mexican Seaside Charm and a Luxury Escape in Zihuatanejo

From the second you feel the aircraft dropping down to land, the beauty of Zihuatanejo opens up before you like a dream luxury escape. Lush jungles spill down to meet the waters, brightly painted resorts hide tucked away in the trees and the Pacific Ocean rolls in. Once a quaint little fishing town, Zihuatanejo has evolved into a boutique and beautiful seaside resort offering visitors the chance to soak up Mexico in all her laid back glory.

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The small town overspills with folk art shops, colorful piñatas hanging from the trees, fresh fish restaurants and snorkelers splashing in the shallows in this holiday haven perfect for basking in the winter sun.

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Luxury Suites on Playa La Ropa

Those seeking a romantic escape on the Pacific shore can opt to make the decadent Viceroy their home away from home. Sitting prettily on the peaceful Playa La Ropa, you can find luxurious suites and perfect villas adorned in Mexican art with cool terracotta floors and traditional thatched roofs. Presidential suites offer unrivalled views, open air living space and indigenous marble bathrooms to delight.

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Signature Cocktails and Seafood Delights

Mexico is world famous for its fabulous cuisine and on the soft white shores of Zihuatanejo you are sure to find fresh succulent seafood delights with a creative kick. The Pozole Soup at La Casa Que Canta is a delicate affair of wild pacific shrimp and soft baby clams soaking in a spicy broth. The signature cocktails and market fresh seafood at A Mares will ensure you taste the best, try the blue crab salad, the seared local fish with squash blossom and the lemon tea pie.

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Deep Sea Fishing and Frozen Margaritas

With the ocean and the jungle as your playground, Zihuatanejo is teeming with outdoor adventures to keep you occupied. Deep sea fishing is world-class in this part of the Pacific and you can chase the waves, watch dolphins and whales splash out in the azure blue and catch fat black tuna and mahi mahi. Sail to the isolated shores of Playa Las Gatas and let the local chef turn your catch of the day into citrus ripened ceviche as you sink back on a sun lounger with a frozen margarita in hand.

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Sunrise Surfing and Beachside Massages

Feed your adrenaline in the nearby Ixtapa and take to the waves for a sunrise surf session. Playa Linda offers a remote stretch of sand without the shadow of hotels or bars littering the shore break. You can rent boards or join a surf school and spend the morning cruising across the white tipped rollers that playfully pound the shore. After, you can visit the nearby crocodile enclosure before heading back to the bliss of Playa La Ropa for a private lava shell massage on the beach.

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Rare Finds and Boutique Gems

Picking up handcrafted delights and rare pieces in Zihuatanejo is a must, especially as the small town and waterfront are lined with boutiques and galleries. Mexican art, brightly woven hammocks, silver jewelry and artisan mezcals are just a few of the things you can find in the gift shops and covered market stalls of the picture perfect fishing village.

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With warm pacific waters, fishermen meeting to haul in their catch of the day, narrow cobblestone streets and hidden eateries, Zihuatanejo is blessed with historic grace and a sweet local charm that hasn’t been stamped out by tourism. For a true winter sun soaked escape, the laid back shores of Zihua are waiting to steal your heart.

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