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The city of Cape Town is no stranger to the luxury lifestyle. It is a city that is both cosmopolitan and trendy and yet pays homage to history and culture. What is undeniable about its culture is the celebration of the good life. Life here is about luxury and indulgence. The plethora of top hotels, the very best restaurants and pampering spas pays tribute to this.

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The Milk and Honey Boutique Spa can be found in Cape Town’s O on Kloof Boutique Hotel. The combination of a spectacular setting with custom spa treatments is a winning combination for anyone looking for pure relaxation. This spa is a luxury escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern lifestyle. Here, the worries and stress of everyday life simply melt away.

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The spa’s location within the hotel allows for maximum privacy and a sense of escape. Upon entering the hotel, you descend a stairway into a realm of soothing treatments that will relax, refresh and revitalize.

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The ambiance at Milk and Honey is akin to that of stepping into a cocoon. There is almost a sense of welcome sensory deprivation here. It is free from distracting sounds; in fact, it’s completely quiet apart from the sounds of classical music. The dimmed lights in the treatment rooms and calming colors allow for total immersion in the process of relaxation. It is here that you will experience complete physical, mental and emotional renewal.

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The focus at Milk and Honey is a combination of warm hospitality, individual attention and expert treatments using top quality products. The service is both friendly and professional. Everything is customized to provide the best possible results for each individual client. Whether you want to indulge in some pampering treatments in order to relax or are looking to embark on a healthier lifestyle, this spa will help you achieve just that.

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There are a range of effective treatments and packages from which to choose. Those wishing to de-stress and relax would benefit from the Ultimate Pamper Package. This two and a half hour package includes everything from a relaxing foot massage to an intensive hair mask to pamper and sooth you from head to toe. The therapists at Milk and Honey are nothing short of experts in the art of inducing relaxation.

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All treatments at Milk and Honey make use of the exclusive TheraVine face and body spa products. These innovative products combine effective indigenous ingredients are combined with internationally recognized active ingredients and anti-oxidants. The highest possible percentages of superior active ingredients are used to ensure that all treatments have powerful results. At Milk and Honey you will experience superior service and immediate results.

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