Mustique Island: Elite Luxe Escape

Privacy and perfection make Mustique Island a favored destination for royalty and red carpet starlets and with one glance at the thatched palm huts and pearly sands you will know why. This is an elite destination for those who seek nothing more than supreme serenity, to splash in the riches of clean blue waters and to snooze softly beneath the coconut trees in the height of the midday sun.

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Make no mistake, despite its laid-back vibes Mustique Island is incredibly upmarket with many wealthy travelers booking straight in at the famous Cotton House to enjoy its fine crab suppers and superb spa treatments.

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The balmy weather and the expanse of blue sea certainly work wonders when it comes to enticing you to sink down into the welcoming sea. Those wanting to seek adventure further afield can rent out a sailboat and spend the day exploring the waters that surround the West Indies alternating between sunning on the deck and snorkeling across the crystal clear surface.

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The Tobago Cays is close by offering a marine conservation park where you can take out a glass bottomed kayak for unrivaled views beneath the blue. Only a short drift away you can also find the deserted shores where the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

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Those staying in the gorgeous surroundings of The Cotton House will find complete luxury and peace for their body, mind, and soul. Private verandahs, plunge pools, emerald manicured gardens and suites of sheer beauty make every second incredibly comfortable.

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With your own personal butler you can while away the days catnapping on a sun lounger, lazily turning the pages of your books and heading out for a little dose of adventure whenever the mood takes you. Awaiting for you in the blissful spa you can enjoy everything from an aloe and rose sun soother to a rainforest facial or a couple’s special treatment on the journey of love.

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