Necker Island: Pleasure and Privacy

Richard Branson’s private island has been splashed across the cover of every luxury travel magazine you could imagine. This British Virgin Isle gem is the ultimate playground for the rich and the famous and perfect for those who want the freedom to do what they want without the prying eyes.

Necker Island British Virgin Isles 1

Exclusive expensive and with vivid tales and raucous rumors, this is the place to be if you want to enjoy the mesmerizing hues of the British Virgin Isles in your very own opulent setting.

Necker Island British Virgin Isles 2

You can hire the whole Necker Island for yourself or you can choose a room during the infamous celebration weeks which sees discerning guests flocking to the shores. Yet with only a capacity to hold a handful of people at a time you don’t have to worry about waiting more than a few seconds for a cocktail to be whipped across the pool to you.

Necker Island British Virgin Isles 3

Relaxed lunches in the Great House, endless water toys and tenders to take out into the dazzling sea and floodlit courtyards for late night tennis matches are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s on offer on the multi-millionaire pleasure isle.

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Main Beach is the place to go for frolics in the water and sand whereas Turtle Beach boasts that unrivaled seclusion and slip of romance you could be waiting for.

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Whichever beach you choose you can be sure of fine powdered sand as soft as silk beneath your feet and cool turquoise hues inviting you to dip in time and time again. Back at the base, the floating sushi bar of Necker Island is waiting to tempt your taste buds with fresh fish and bountiful flowers.

Necker Island British Virgin Isles 6

Rooms are spacious, bright and blessed with plenty of sunshine and all boast a wooden terrace with stupendous sea views. This is the place to sip morning coffee and watch the lemurs wrap themselves around the trees or to raise a glass of top-shelf champagne and toast a blazing orange and red sunset.

Necker Island British Virgin Isles 7

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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