New Trends in Bespoke Luxury Vacations

Luxury vacations are all about discovering the trendiest destinations, soaking up the finer things in life and basking in the beauty of new cultures. Every year it seems the hottest places to visit change and for connoisseurs it is important to understand the growing trends to keep ahead of the curve.

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No company understands the importance of luxury travel trends quite like Presidential Private Jet Vacations. As leading innovators in the world of bespoke private aviation, they offer a unique approach when it comes to chartering guests to their destination of choice. Presidential Private Jet Vacations offer exclusive aircraft hire and prestigious tour packages that offer the freedom and flexibility to explore the world at your leisure.

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Guests can select their own destinations or select from specially curated experiences designed to delight and inspire. With a personalized approach at every turn, Presidential Private Jet Vacations will welcome you on-board their sumptuous jets and take you to the voguish destinations in luxury travel.

Off the Beaten Path Travel

Travelers who are fatigued by cookie cutter destinations boasting five-star bliss and every amenity close to hand are now seeking new adventures far from the well-trodden path.

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Whilst there are still plenty of jetsetters who love to swing in sleepy hammocks beneath swaying palms with a cocktail in hand, there are also those seeking experiential travel who want to immerse themselves fully in the world around them.

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Exotic adventures in the heart of South America like wandering the Atacama Desert in 4×4 vehicles, snowshoeing the Perito Moreno Glacier, admiring the heads on Easter Island are quickly replacing the old image of affluent travel with something new, immersive and truly exciting.

Boutique Bliss

Large scale hotels and chic resorts are still a welcoming retreat when it comes to the powder sugar shores of the Caribbean but when it comes to cities and unfamiliar locales it seems that boutique bliss is the latest trend.

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Guests want something a little more personal to call their home away from home with individually designed suites, smaller scale pampering and lavish attention that they don’t have to share with hundreds of others.

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Presidential Private Jet Vacations assure that their charter guests select their own preferred choice of accommodation whether it is an opulent stay at The Four Seasons in Hawaii or a world-class boutique eco-lodge in the golden plains of Patagonia.

Effortless Travel

With a myriad of decisions to make when it comes to your latest vacation, many travelers are now looking to highly specialized companies to provide the answers for them.

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Affluent travelers still want to soak up the experiences of the world but don’t have the time to pore over hotels, restaurants and plan their own itineraries. Placing your faith in bespoke travel brands like Presidential Private Jet Vacations ensures that you get designer vacations and curated experiences perfectly planned without the fuss.

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Whether you want a heavenly retreat on a private island in the South Pacific or a nomadic tour of the Atlas Mountains and souks of Marrakesh, effortless travel can deliver experiences you only dreamed of.

Gourmet Delights

When it comes to exclusive travel, food is often on the tip of your tongue whether it’s exploring epicurean restaurants in Spain, sublime sushi in Japan or little known award-winning Cabernet Sauvignons in the nooks and crannies of Napa Valley.

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The continuing trend to indulge in gourmet destinations is sure to spill over into next year with Michelin-starred magic tempting you to sit down at the table. Such destinations are hitting the top of the lists for inspired dining in extraordinary settings served with a dash of fabulous art and culture to boot.

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VIP Experiences

Getting insider access to privileged experiences such as enjoying an intimate dinner with a hospitable family descendant from royal lineage in Udaipur or getting to know acclaimed Chilean artists on a one-on-one basis in Santiago de Chile can truly make your vacation a remarkable one.

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Traveling is all about making new friends that will last a life-time, so getting that first introduction is a fortunate affair.

Whatever high-class trends are tempting you away from home you can be sure that Presidential Private Jet Vacations will deliver it in style. This is a company that embodies the perfect private jet experience. With their list of voguish destinations and sheer flexibility across the globe, you can pave the way for traveling trends and couture adventures.

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