Nik Wallenda – Walking In The Sky For Fun

Powerful. Dare-Devil. Inspiring. These are just a few adjectives that describe the infamous Nik WallendaKnown as the master of high wire.

Nik is celebrated world-wide as the man who recently walked from the USA to Canada on a two-inch steel wire over Niagara Falls. It took the “king of the high wire” over two years to meticulously plan his endeavor. He even convinced both the USA and Canada to change laws that have banned dare-devil stunts at Niagara Falls for over 116 years. Impressive!

The infamous Nik Wallenda Known as the master of high wire

Nik’s personal mission is to inspire people around the world to follow their dreams and never give up. This is exactly why Nik has become one of the key ambassadors of Swiss luxury watch brand JEANRICHARD.

As a man who holds seven world records, Nik Wallenda fits in perfectly with JEANRICHARD ‘s new active-lifestyle motto, “The Philosophy of Life”. Before Nik sets out on his next death-defying wire walk, we wanted to inspire our fans by getting to know the man behind the stunts.

Being born into the famous highwire walking family, The Flying Wallendas, you were exposed to the art at a very young age, but what made you want to become a highwire walker yourself?

“The family history, I started walking the wire at the age of 2. My great grandfather said “life is on the wire and everything else is just waiting” and that is true for me and my family.”

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

“My biggest achievement is having three children.”

How do you train for a walk? Do you make regular practice runs?

“I never train in the actual situation but I train up to 4 hours a day 5 days a week.”

The infamous Nik Wallenda Known as the master of high wire

And on the day, how do you prepare both mentally and physically?

“The mental preparation starts months in advance for any major walk, but I sleep and rest like everyone else. I have a balanced breakfast and a balanced lunch and then I perform.”

When you’re up on the wire, what’s going through your head?

“I am so concentrated and focused on what I am doing, that is all. All the troubles, problems, nothing of that matters, I am extremely focused.”

What safety precautions do you take before a walk?

“The training leading up to it, for example for the grand canyon we did studies showing we wouldn’t experience more than 55 miles an hour wind and trained with 130 miles/hour and in tropical storm weather. It is about training on a cable and walking three times the distance that I faced in the grand canyon so I was over-prepared and also trained to grab the wire in case there was a situation in which I needed to.”

When you were four you were shown a video of your great-grandfather falling to his death while walking between the two towers of Condado Plaza Hotel in Puerto Rico; obviously this didn’t deter you from becoming a high wire walker yourself but did this affect your relationship to the art?

“Absolutely not. We have studied it, we know the science behind why he lost his life and we have learned from that and made adjustments so that history doesn’t repeat itself.”

The infamous Nik Wallenda Known as the master of high wire

Considering the dangers involved, do you ever consider retiring to pursue a less hair-raising passion?

“There will be a time when I will retire because we know for example that with my great grandfather his age played a key factor in why he died. Once I retire motivational speaking will be a big part of what I do and of course training the next generation of Wallendas.”

You recently published a book Balance: A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line. Tell us a bit about this.

“It’s a story of my life from the moment I took the first step on a wire at the age of 2 to the process of changing 2 laws in 2 countries to be the first person to walk across Niagara falls, and all the challenges of dealing with everything that comes with being famous and balancing life with family and the wire. “

And what next? What’s your next big challenge?

“My next big dream is to do a walk between two major skyscrapers in New York City.”

Luxury brand JEANRICHARD has celebrated your success by making you one of their brand ambassadors. How would you describe your experience working side by side with such an esteemed brand?

“It is an amazing thing to work with a brand that has as much history as JEANRICHARD. My family has been performing since 1780, perfecting our art with every new year and every new generation. I think JEANRICHARD does the same thing in the art of watchmaking.”

The infamous Nik Wallenda Known as the master of high wire

What has been your best experience so far as a JEANRICHARD ambassador?

“Wearing my Terrascope across the Grand Canyon.”

Since you are now ambassador of luxury, what is your personal definition of “luxury”?

“I would say the luxury of being able to spend time with my family. I travel so much and I am so busy, it is the small things that become luxury.”

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