North America Travel: What to Do

A North America travel with the vast expanse of land stretching out in front, you may seem a little overwhelming at first. However, start by making a list of the key sights, cities and attractions that appeal to you and you will soon have your luxury travel in North America mapped out.

North America Travel

No doubt certain places will be on most travellers’ lists when it comes to North America. Big cities such as New York and Los Angeles are bound to make the cut for almost everyone while places like Florida’s Marco Island and Galveston in Texas will appeal to those who love the beach.

North America Travel 1

Thrill seekers will be drawn to the high-octane pace of Orlando and those who love the outdoor lifestyle won’t want to miss the incredible skiing on offer in places like Denver, Colorado. High rollers will find Las Vegas an essential stopping point while couples looking for romance and luxury won’t want to miss the delights of Honolulu.

North America Travel 2

A tour of Canada is an essential part of planning your North America travel, from the pure air of its cities to the fabulous skiing on offer at places like Whistler in the Canadian Rockies. Meanwhile, back in the US, San Francisco’s combination of historical attractions (Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge are not to be missed), great food and dramatic coastline are sure to offer plentiful entertainment.

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Those looking to end their luxury travel in North America on a thoughtful and cultured note should head to Washington DC, where they can soak up the political and historical messages behind the United States for a true understanding of the forces that led to the creation of such a rich and diverse country.

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