Papua New Guinea: Nature and Culture

Intrepid travelers seeking something far from the easy going shores of the Caribbean or the comforts of modern Europe can embark on the ultimate pristine beach break to the wilderness of Papua New Guinea. This off the beaten track adventure is as close to the unknown as you can hope to get, a place where the rivers run wild, the forests hold dark secrets and the culture blazes with feathers and color.

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Image Source: By Taro Taylor via Wikimedia Commons

Papua New Guinea still remains off the books and is a mystery that only the most daring can decipher. Yet despite being unfamiliar territory the island is cloaked in unbelievable beauty, green rainforests cover every inch, wooden boats holding painted faced wildlings glide across the waters and smoke rises from the scattered villages where the sound of drums resonates through the clearing.

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Image Source: By Stefan Krasowski via Flickr

On the beaches, you can find pristine white sands, birds of paradise calling from the tops of trees, waters that glitter like gold stretching on into the vast horizon and barely another soul in sight. This is what life feels like in the wild and this is the ends of the earth as we know it. Alongside incredible beaches, you will be hard pushed to find a place that can boast so much culture crammed into one space.

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Image Source: By Christopher Michel via Flickr

The native tribes seem fierce with their painted warrior faces, their skull and bone jewelry and the fact that they only ceased to be called cannibals in the last couple of decades. Yet behind the mask you will find a beauty worth savoring, a smile that stretches to every muscle, a belief in something truly remarkable and folklore festivals that will cause a lump to rise in their throat.

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Image Source: By Anselmo Lastra via Flickr

Papua New Guinea is not an easy travel destination, those dreams of silver service beside the pool don’t fall from the sky on this island, this is a place where the road is bumpy and less traveled, where the art of luxury is yet to be perfected and where you are sure to get your hands dirty.

Yet for those brave enough, daring enough and with a spirit of sheer adventure this is a place that will reward you with empty beaches, vast beautiful space, a remarkable rare experience and life changing spirits that will seep through your heart forever. A perfect mix of nature and culture.

Top Image Source: By Stefan Krasowski via Flickr

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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