Perfecting the Art of High Class Superyacht Picnics

Superyacht charters can often be about embracing the great outdoors, the world can be a wonderful and inspiring place filled to the brim with bountiful nature, blue and green hues, and deep thick forests, singing birds, hidden coves and waterfalls. From sleepy full stop sized islands in the Greek Ionian Sea to the tiered pools of turquoise in Croatia’s Plitvice National Park, the sweeping sandy coves on the Caribbean Islands – these are the places you want to explore. Super yacht charters like MY Starfire gift you with dream opportunities to step ashore and seek paradise spots for the perfect picnic. Take the tender and Jet Skis and head out across the blue alone to find sugary soft sands without another footprint in sight, escape into the jungle with champagne and fresh seafood, or head into the rolling patchwork quilt hills of Provence for French deli delicacies. Take a look at these tips for perfecting high class super yacht charter picnics in style…

Perfecting the Art of High Class Superyacht Picnics 2

The Happiest Hampers

Planning the perfect picnic all starts with a glorious hamper, there is nothing quainter than wicker baskets, a flash of silver, a blanket and singing glass flutes. The Aston Martin hamper is a classy dream come true boasting fine bone china, a lamb’s wool blanket so soft you could weep, fine cutlery that gleams, and beautiful style edged with saddle leather, an Irish damask linen tablecloth and crystal champagne flutes. For something truly inspired you can turn to the Moynat Malle Bicyclette, handmade by Abici Italia. The charming bicycle comes with its own trunk in which you will find a sandwich drawer, ceramic plates, thermos, napkins and silverware – the perfect choice for when you want to cycle away into the hills.

Perfecting the Art of High Class Superyacht Picnics 3

Pack the Perfect Ingredients

Nibbling on fresh mezze in the olive groves of Greece, splashing in the azure and coral hues of the Bahamas and falling in love with the quaint towns clinging to the cliffs of the Amalfi coast, wherever you go you don’t want to leave your super yacht charter without the finest foods. The chef of MY Starfire can whip up wonderful picnics and perfect spreads to keep you inspired and satiated. Fresh figs and wild strawberries make the perfect choice to pair with champagne. When in France or Italy make the most of the beautiful cheese, choosing either a creamy rich camembert or the soft tang of goats cheese to nibble on with crusty home baked bread and colorful chutneys. No high class picnic would be complete without a silver spoonful of caviar to melt on the tongue. Finish with a flourish with a selection of dream line cupcakes or perfectly poised petit-fours packaged with ribbons and curls.

Perfecting the Art of High Class Superyacht Picnics 4

A Divine Destination

Armed with your gorgeous hamper of goodies and a spark of romance, now it’s time to leave your superyacht charter bobbing in the blue water and to seek a private respite somewhere on shore. The Mediterranean blossoms with beautiful spots where you can rest and play and watch the sun sink like a golden stone. Those who dream of desert islands can take a tender from the sultry shores of Sardinia and seek out the little slip of land of Tavolara, with just over three miles to explore and with a self-proclaimed king, you will feel as though you have fallen into another world. Close to Bonaficio you will also find the Golf de Santa Manz where limestone cliffs tumble into an evocative shade of blue, inspiring those who find the right path to pull their tender into the marine reserve and spend lengthy afternoons splashing, sailing and indulging in the sweetest treats.


Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
Carl Sputh