Perth – Western Australia’s Sunny Escape for Globetrotters

Vibrant, ecstatic, and energetic – the words essentially fall short of explaining the fast-paced culture of the sunny capital city of Australia. The capital has been since forever feted for its warm and fun-loving people, awe-inspiring and luxurious beaches, multi-cuisine specialty restaurants and aboriginal heritage.

The city has earned fame for offering royal treatment to its world class tourists. Today, it has become a key player in offering luxury beach houses, high-end bars and eclectic festivals celebrated across the city on designated days. If you are wondering what to do in Perth, here are some of our favorites.

Kings Park

Not just any park

True to its name, Kings Park and botanical gardens sprawl across a good 400 hectares at the centre of the city. Prim and proper lush green gardens, serene atmosphere, humongous varieties of flora transport you to a different place, miles away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The park is located on an elevation at the crest of Mount Eliza. Visitors often hop on the CAT bus that takes them through the entire park. As you tread across the park, you are enlightened with the historical relics of the city that have been well displayed by sculptures and beautiful artifacts.

Perth Sunny Capital City of Australia Kings Park

Cottesloe Beach

Ideal for relaxing

This beach is the city’s hottest spots all round the year. Visitors often say that nature has indeed showered its true blessing over this beach for its beauty is simply unsurpassed! Surfing, swimming, snorkeling or simply relaxing with a drink by the side of the beach… one effortlessly bids goodbye to the stress as soon as one hits its shores. Cott, as it is better known, can be easily reached by bus, train or car from the city center. Its white sandy beaches, terraced well-kept lawns, and Norfolk Pines offer the perfect setting for a relaxed day out.

Perth Sunny Capital City of Australia Cottesloe Beach

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Rottnest Island

a country within a country

Another perfect escape from the city, the island seems to be yet another country inside a country. Be it the lingo, the carefree attitude of its visitors or the recreational options, the island is a pack full of absolute fun. The shore has more than 63 beaches, bright beach houses, coral reefs and bays and world’s finest spots for swimming and surfing. Hitting the island is unbelievably simple! Ferries depart on a regular basis from Fremantle to the island, almost every hour.

Perth Sunny Capital City of Australia Rottnest Island

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where the coast comes alive

True to its claim, this coastal region is home to some of the incredible marine animals who are open to view for the visitors, on specific timings. Penguins and dolphins dancing around the tunes of the likes of Elvis Presley is a once in a lifetime feature which no visitor can ever forget. An effortless drive of 40 minutes down the south of Perth takes you to this coast. Fishing, sailing and surfing are other attractions on the shore.

Perth Sunny Capital City of Australia Rockingham

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Perth is a must visit for an affluent traveler. Posh eating joints, luxurious lounges and high-end hotels replicate the luxury with which the city is associated.

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