Pick Tea in Sri Lanka

Waking early in the velvet depths of Sri Lanka’s countryside you will see the first drizzle of morning soak the tea plantations in a flush of fertile green. Somewhere in the distance a lake shimmers and collects sunlight and the warm air loses the cool of night and starts to grow balmy.

Sri Lanka, the very word is a sigh on the lips, a place of dazzling coasts, lofty peaks and of course endless tea plantations brewing for the perfect cup. Tea has become big business in Sri Lanka with a 1.5 billion dollar export price hanging over its head. From wandering through the botanical tea gardens to picking your own and finally sipping down with dazzling vistas and a cup of Ceylon, those with a taste for tea will adore Sri Lanka.

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The Ceylon Tea Trails are a truly breathtaking way to discover the backbone of the country. This myriad tour allows you to experience the best of the bountiful nature, sip the freshest teas from the finest estates, get out into the bright flushed fields and even hike and bicycle around the fertile valleys. Take a journey through the dense jungles just like the Ceylon planters of old; breathe in the scent of rich soil, touch the delicate leaves and watch the tea pickers pluck the finest choice buds with hands as quick as lightening.

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After divine tea tasting back at the luxury bungalows you can retreat to the tea inspired spa. Aromatic tea baths are a beautiful way of detoxing the mind, the body and the soul. Whether you sink down into a cinnamon spice sweat or whether you choose to go gentle into the good night with green tea, nothing can compare to the feeling of sheer softness and beauty when you emerge.

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Mountain lakes and manicured gardens are waiting to welcome you into a new day, along with another cup of Sri Lanka’s finest, sitting quietly on the breakfast table.

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Jodie Oakes

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