Polo Bar London: Magic of Mixology

Nestled smugly in the heart of Marylebone you could obviously already expect the Polo Bar to be fixated on serving fantastical cocktails in a truly opulent environment, and you won’t be surprised. The elite cool casual business crowd flocks to the soft and plush surroundings of the Polo Bar London to sip gin and tonic infused delights beneath the shimmer of Swarovski crystal.

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The London Lifestyle Awards was so bowled over by the delectable array of drinks on the novel-length menu that they were quick to award the Polo Bar with the highly coveted title of London’s Bar of the Year back in 2014. One year on and the menu is still as extensive, the bartenders still as talented and the crowd still sophisticated and savvy as they stand around in suits sipping champagne cocktails and spooning beluga caviar onto crackers.

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Partnering with the fabulous Tanqueray gin was clearly a great move for the Polo Bar, especially now they can curate a selection of signature gin and tonic infused teas that will tempt even those who are clearly on the fence about the tear stained spirit. Gin and tonics seem to perfectly encapsulate the essence of spring, a time when the nights are cool and the days seem to linger in golden revelry.

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Celebrate the fresh scent of rain dripping from the branch with a Blue Lady Tea & Grapefruit Peel served with Mediterranean Tonic. The sublime blend of flora from the whimsical tea get tangled in the zest and slight bitterness of the grapefruit peel, bringing a long cool sip that ends with a bite. On those nights when the rain falls in sheets and you seek something a little warmer to uplift your spirits, the Cinnamon, Clove & Vanilla served with Classic Tonic could be just the remedy you need. The cloying cream of the vanilla enjoys a waltz beneath the stars with the spice of clove and the swirl of cinnamon.

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Those who prefer to steer clear of the tea need not worry, as the cocktails come in many shapes, forms, and colors. The signature list boasts highbrow concoctions like the Mayfair Gold where gin and Moet champagne mesh together with fresh lychees and elderflower. The Japanese Breakfast martini is another innovative gem with its Chase vodka splashed with sake and lifted to dizzying new heights with a dollop of raspberry jam, lemon and egg white.

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Of course working your way through the tempting menu on an empty stomach is never a good idea, to curb your appetite the Polo Bar offers Foie Gras bar bites, lobster salads, pulled pork sandwiches, rabbit fettuccine, and chocolate and olive oil mousse to keep hunger pangs calm.

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Chic, elegant and inspired by its noble address, the Polo Bar is the perfect way to cement a divine stay in London. Whether you want to linger over the magic of mixologists or whether you are simply looking for a place to while away the day after hours, the Polo Bar blends the perfect ingredients needed for a Bond Street bash.

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