Portmeirion Wales: Italian and Welsh Wonder

Usually associated with grey slate homes, rising snowcapped peaks and deep clad forests, Wales doesn’t seem like the type of place where you would stumble into an Italian village. Yet Portmeirion Wales  with its pastel colored Mediterranean architecture, its grandiose fountains and its lush manicured gardens transports you to the shores of Portofino on the Amalfi Coast. Somehow the charming little village seems to pull it off, with playful vibes and a tongue in cheek appeal emulating from every new corner you peek around. Boutique shops sell quaint and quirky little gifts, sculptures decorate the greens and flowers bloom against the soundtrack of the sea.

Portmeirion Wales


Sir Clough Williams-Ellis carved out his dream on the welsh coast between 1925 and 1975 hoping to make it a well to do holiday venture. Surrounded by acres of rich woodland and with the sweet tide flowing in and out, there is an unmistakable and incredibly unique charm about Portmeirion Wales. Guests can stay in the newly restored Castell Deudraeth and drink tea in its Victorian walled garden, tiptoe across the welsh oak floors and admire the private collection of art adorning the walls.

Portmeirion Wales 1

In the Castell Brasserie you can sip Welsh whiskey, graze on Moules marinière and taste the finest sharp welsh cheeses served with homemade chutney. At the Mermaid Spa you can refresh the senses with a seaweed wrap and Indian head massage to leave you fortified for facing the elements once more.

Portmeirion Wales 2

A visit to Portmeirion Wales is perfectly punctuated with a chance to eat, sleep, spa and relax but outside the walls of the Italian inspired nook the Welsh landscape is ever enchanting. Snowdonia glistens in the rolling shadows of clouds and climbing to the top boasts mesmerizing views over the valleys and the waters. Medieval castles and walls are perfect for clambering before heading down to the harbor for frothy real ale in the dwindling sun.

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Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes is a seasoned writer and an avid surfer with continuously itchy feet and a love of the finer things in life. After traveling through the continent with a touring band, living in Paris, Amsterdam and under the Auroras Borealis, she is now in Bulgaria where she attempts to piece together her first poetry collection.
Jodie Oakes