Prince Edward Island Tourism – More than Mussels & Golf

Prince Edward Island, better known by its acronym PEI, is one of the most sought after tourist attractions located on the eastern coast of Canada. The island has all that it takes to enjoy a refreshing vacation away from even the memories of your stressful chores. Going by the popular verdict of the tourists, the island offers ultimate fun and peace on the sandy beaches and lush green hills, the memories of which simply refuse to budge away even after years of visiting. World class sea food, the best of wines, well-kept beaches, umpteen water tours and much much more…simply bind the tourists to keep exploring the island over and over again.

Here’s what to do in PEI.

Hit the beaches

The acronym PEI is more or less symbolic of the fun on the beaches! The warmth of the sand, crystal clear waters, cool breeze, clear blue sky and sandstone cliffs – the very thought of these literally urge you to pack your bags and hit the shores. The long stretch of shore that measures around 1100 km offers the world’s best pristine beaches, each one of them meticulously kept to maintain its health and beauty.

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Go golfing

Prince Edward Island is a pure haven for golf lovers! No matter whether you are a beginner, an amateur golfer or a professional, you’ll find just the right course that matches your skills. And each one of the golf courses is well laden with restaurants, motels, cafes, theatres and other relaxing options. So, even though you are miles away from the city center, all the food and entertainment options are well within your approach.

Prince Edward Island Canada A Blissful Affair 2

Gorge on the special sea food

The island is loaded with numerous advantages, especially with food options. The island has a bounty of sea food delicacies, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat. You are sure to enjoy the delicacies and the specialties of this small island. From a palate full of lobsters, oysters, shellfish, to the best beer in the town… pamper your appetite with the most sumptuous desserts! Home to the best mussels in the world, the chefs of some of the most happening restaurants here have literally gained expertise at the art of turning bland food into spicy delights with their unbeatable culinary art. No wonder, Zagat recently crowned the island “the best foodie getaway”!

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Explore its ancient culture

Prince Edward Island has gained the limelight for being the birthplace of the historic Confederation. Over the recent years, evidences affirming the existence of the Mi’kmaq settlements have been excavated. These settlements are very ancient and date back thousands of years, much before the organization of the Charlottetown Conference. The island has umpteen museums to showcase the artifacts of the ancient cultural affinities of the city!

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More than the natural beauty of the island, it is the warm welcome of the natives that keep the tourists coming back here to spend their holidays.

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