Puebla – Mexico’s Colonial Beauty

The fourth largest city of Mexico, Puebla, essentially retains its colonial appeal with untouched Cathedral churches, archetypal structures and building reminiscent of the ancient colonial era. The city may score considerably low on the most happening night life and pubs; however, it surpasses other tourist attractions in terms of its archeological reserves. It is on the other hand, emerging out of its conservatism and becoming a coveted attraction for the tourists from all over the world. Well… with more than 70 churches, each one replicating the Hispanic affinities, thousands of ancient colonial structures and an impressive culinary history… the city is worth a visit, at least once in a lifetime.

Here’s what to do in Puebla.

Spend a day at The Great Pyramid of Cholula

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At the first look, The Great Pyramid of Cholula merely looks like a church on a hill top, however, never trust your first instinct as it is the largest monument ever built! According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the largest pyramid ever constructed in the history of mankind. It stands erect at a height of 177 feet and spreads across the area of 45 acres. At the top of this gigantic pyramid is a church by the name La Virgende los Remedios.

Africam Safari

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This park is home to a huge variety of animals, mainly including the lions, giraffes, tigers, buffalos, rhinoceros and more. The animals in this park move around with restricted freedom in a habitat closer to their natural environment. The park is located at a distance of ten miles away from the city center of Puebla and can be easily reached via public transport, especially buses that leave from Puebla to the Safari on daily basis.


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Image Courtesy: flickr.com/EnriqueLopez-TamayoBiosca

The ancient cathedral of the city was built between the eleventh and twelfth century. The cathedral holds a lot of eminence among the catholic devotees of the country and is visited in magnanimous number by visitors from different parts of the world. The Chapel of the church known as The Ochavo has well preserved paintings and carvings that are one-of-its-kind and unique from the artwork carved in other churches of the country. These artwork preserved in the interiors of the church are termed as the colonial treasures.

Exconvento de Santa Mónica

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Image Courtesy: flickr.com/EnriqueLopez-TamayoBiosca

This museum is a home of unique art pieces and more than 1,300 paintings. Each of these artworks is well representative of the ancient cultural roots of the country. Some of the paintings in the collection have been collected by an eminent viceroyalty of the country. The museum is popularly visited by tourists who are keen to learn about the culture and ethnic affinities of the country. Other than tourists, the museum is often thronged with school children interested to learn about the various tenets of their culture.

Puebla is a peaceful city away from the hustle-bustle of the typical metropolitan cities. It is indeed a peaceful retreat for those who want to spend their holidays in peace and get a break from their busy life.

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