Pyramids of Teotihuacan – Remarkable “City of Gods”

Teotihuacan… God’s own country – is truly significant of the royalty and grandeur associated with the Teotihuacan civilization thriving in Mexico, thousands of years ago. The more you discover the city, the more amazed you will be with the well-preserved beauty that dates back to the ancient age. Beautiful and mysterious constructions, large pyramids and temples take you back to the era when some of the earliest Mexican civilizations had just inhabited this land. The famous legends say that this was the place where the God accumulated to plan the creation of mankind.

Here’s what to do in Teotihuacan.

The Pyramid of Sun

This is the highest and the most intriguing pyramids in this ancient city of Gods. It has good 243 steps, upon climbing which you hop on the top of the pyramid. It is believed that at this edgy top, the sun sets during the evening. The lucky ones who witness the sight of the sun bidding goodbye for the day carry memories of this alluring scene throughout their lifetime. What’s more, according to the old legend, those who manage to witness the sight of sun set by reaching the top of the pyramid get fully charged with energy vibes.

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Convent of Saint Agustin

Close to the Teotihuacan, within the municipality of Acolman lies the ancient convent of Saint Agustin. This one-of-its-kind church is truly an exemplary of the ancient Mexican architectural beauty. The foundation of the church was laid down by Fransciscan Friar Andres de olmos during the 15th century. The church stands erect at 177,500 feet above the ground level and has walls measuring 70 feet high. Owing to its fascinating construct and meticulous art work in the interiors, the church is an eminent attraction for both local and international devotees.

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International Festival of Obsidian

This festival reflects the relics of the ancient Hispanic people in its true sense. The festival essentially promotes varied workshops that are dedicated to produce beautiful artifacts significant of the cultural affinities of the Teotihuacan society. Every year the festival is celebrated among locals and foreign visitors from March 16th until March 21st. The celebrations are further marked by several felicitating activities like pre-Hispanic dance forms, modern dances like ballet, coronation of the queen, classical music, mariachis and more. That’s not all, one also gets to see the exhibition of the classic vintage cars in the fair.

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Botanical Garden

Located right next to the Pyramid of Sun, the beautiful Botanical garden of the city is located. The garden is a huge lawn sprawled to an unbelievably vast area. According to the care-takers, the garden preserves around 60 per cent of the flora grown in the entire city of Teotihuacan. Varied forms of cacti, thistles, cherries, apricots, plums, figs, limes and avocados are grown here. The area located inside the La Purificacion Village is collectively maintained by the local women in order to maintain the endemic vegetation of the city.

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One of the most visited cities of Mexico, Teotihuacan can be easily reached by car, bus or a taxi from the city center of Mexico.

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