Quang Binh, Vietnam – A Beauty Yet Unexplored For Ultimate Adventure Travel

Quang Binh is the ultimate destination for those who love adventure travel! Away from lush green gardens, high-end comfort, glamorous night-outs, flimsy discotheques, this nondescript place is gifted with world’s most beautiful and largest caves that have become open to public’s admiration just recently. This coastal province located in the central region of Vietnam is gaining pace as one of the most sought-after destinations for the travelers who have a bent to explore.

Nature has indeed showered its untamed beauty in this small region, with a beautiful forest and tantalizing landscapes like Ngang pass, Nhat Le seaport, Ly Hoa pass and Hac Hai located nearby. Since you might not know what to do in Quang Binh, Vietnam, here are some of our favorites.

Phong Nha Caves

Enter the mouth of the beast

Venturing into these mysterious caves replicates the experience of daring to enter into a beast’s mouth… the more you tread, the darker it gets and the echo of some weird noises become even more crisp. In fact, the residents of the place state these strange noises as echo of the Mountain God. The country’s longest river belt traverses through these caves and cast a reflection on them, thus giving them a glittery appeal. This huge cave system comprises of 14 chambers, each of one is mystifying in its way.

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Quang Binh Border Gate

A wondrous architectural marvel

This border gate which essentially served to protect the province Phu Xuan, Nguyen dynasty, is an architectural marvel itself. Over the time, the gate underwent deterioration and damages; however, it was resurrected to its original shape by the local authorities. Visitors entering this region are delighted to admire the unsurpassed beauty of the artwork carved on its walls.

Da Nhay Beach

Relax after your adventures

White sand, fresh water… this beach is a halting point for those visitors looking for some relaxing options after spending tiresome days of exploring the caves and indulging in adventure travel. The beach has been transformed to a traveler’s delight by offering exquisite accommodation, dining and relaxing options.

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Phong Nha Grotto

A charming cavern to explore

Visit to this beautiful place goes incomplete if you forget to visit this world’s largest grottoes. Ideally located around 50 km away from the city center, Hoi town, Nha Grotto is easily accessible by almost all the commutation options the city offers.

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On reaching the town, you simply hop on the designated car to reach the Son Trach district. You get shifted to a boat which plies you through the Son River to reach your destination, the Phong Nha Grotto. Loaded with stalagmites and stalactites, the caves simply amaze you with its natural glitter and beautiful lightning inside. Art critiques often say that the gleaming reflection inside the caves resembles the shape of a beautiful woman.

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Image Courtesy: wikimediacommons/BùiTh?yÐàoNguyên

With each passing year, Quang Binh has been gaining the world’s admiration as an attractive adventure travel destination. Owing to its stunning caves and unexplored landscapes, it has become one of the favorite holiday spots in Vietnam. Its historical epitomes, National reserves and beautiful landscapes have indeed caught the attention of those looking for some retreat options away from their daily mundane chores.

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