Sardinia Beaches: A Superyacht Charter

Superyacht charters seeking a world where Italian flair edge the corners, the Mediterranean magic sparkles and the rural bliss of farmhouse life simmers on the sweeping green cliffs, will fall in love with the sweetest summer isle known as Sardinia. This is a land filled with ancient wonders, splashed with emerald blue waters, trimmed with pretty pale sands, and adorned with towns where the tight streets meander and the thick gorges run deep.

Sardinia Beaches On a Superyacht Charter 1

MY Starfire can show you the deepest hues of turquoise with a trip to Sardinia; the luxury superyacht is the finest ocean playground that offers you the chance to explore the world in style. Whether it’s soaking up the sun on the aft deck watching the carved cliffs pass by, dining on gourmet seafood and suckling pig beneath the stars, or taking a kayak out to discover the secret coves, this superyacht cracks open the vault of Sardinia and shows you this emblematic jewel.

Sardinia Beaches On a Superyacht Charter 2

Of course, this is a paradise filled with clean sands and clear waters and for the best the island has to offer be sure to drop anchor at the favored Sardinia beaches.

For watersports….Poetto Beach, Cagliari

Close to the city and with an ever lively ambience splashing onshore, Poetto Beach is the place to go when you want fun in the sun. This is a beach where watersports enthusiasts are more than welcome, meaning that you can grab the toys and tenders from MY Starfire and play in the waves all day. Whether it’s kite boarding or water skiing, it’s all about action and adventure on these blue and gold shores. Those who want to try their hand at surfing will also find several foaming white spots along the bay where you can grab your board and ride close to shore.

Sardinia Beaches On a Superyacht Charter 3

For wilderness….Piscinas Dunes

Watch the world shift and change as you explore the spectacular sand dunes on the wild shores of Piscinas. Here the dunes roll and soar sometimes even as high as fifty meters into the sky. This is a place of unique and wonderful nature where foxes slink through the shrubs and turtles trundle with their young. The sands are far from the beaten track and the waters are as aquamarine as you could wish for. This is the perfect spot to drop anchor far back and take a tender from MY Starfire to shore for a delectable gourmet picnic of crusty bread, sweet nutty pecorino, sliced suckling pig, wild asparagus risotto and a bottle of Cannonau.

Sardinia Beaches On a Superyacht Charter 4

For pure beauty…Spiaggia Del Principe, Costa Smeralda

The highly revered Costa Smeralda is every bit as lovely as her princess name suggests and Spiaggia Del Principe seems to capture all her color and charm in a single swoop. Imagine a shoreline of scattered pink boulders, soft lit pools of diamond clear waters, fine sugary sands arced like a crescent moon and green blue waters as gentle as can be kissing the shore. This is the perfect spot for snorkeling so make sure you grab the gear from MY Starfire and kick your way through the shallows and depths where you will see bright fish traveling in shoals, their iridescent scales sparkling in the sunlight that penetrates the waves. Behind the beach you will find all the grandiose aspects you need for a superyacht stay including five-star resorts and exceptional hotels where you can stop for lunch.

Sardinia Beaches On a Superyacht Charter 5

For sheer drama…Cala Luna, Cala Gonone

Sail aboard MY Starfire to the drama of the east coast and seek out Moon Cove, as soon as you see the ghostly shimmer of white sands flanked by soaring cliffs the color of snow you will know how this spot earned its name. Getting to this beach over land is something of a trial which is why on a good day you could have the whole place to yourself as you cross the limpid blue waters on your own superyacht. The scent of Oleander seems to tumble down the mountains and the pink kiss of fuchsia can be glimpsed smearing the pale face of the limestone rock.  After splashing in the warm waters you can take the Jet Ski from the superyacht and hit the coastline seeking a spot to watch the evening flare of the sunset.

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Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
Carl Sputh