Sardinia: Emerald Waters and Wild Horses

At first glance the Italian island of Sardinia is sure to light a fire in your soul, a place where white powder carpets the coves, where winding coastal roads take you to dizzying heights above the blue and where flocks of sheep flutter like clouds on the rich pastures and rolling hillsides. Sardinia manages to have all the charm of Italy without the hustle, boasting a sleepy world of fine food, fabulous beaches, and poetic wonder.

Sardinia Italy Emerald Waters and Wild Horses 1

The beaches of Sardinia are the main draw and a place where it’s not unusual to see celebrities and supermodels peeling off layers to bake in the golden slants of sunlight. Superyachts drop their anchor in the depths of the dreamy green blue and secluded coves offer steep cliff backdrops and nothing but sheer privacy and a sprinkle of perfection.

The vineyards hang heavy with velvet smooth grapes, the scent of fresh bread wafts from every open door and thick oak and alpine forests climb the mountainsides before making way for granite valleys below.

Sardinia Italy Emerald Waters and Wild Horses 2

On the emerald coast, you are sure to find five-star delights to impress the most discerning travelers. From A-list hotels offering fluffy beds and breathtaking views to gourmand restaurants where the golden wine flows freely and the fresh fish caught off the waters is cooked so that every mouthful is memorable.

Sardinia Italy Emerald Waters and Wild Horses 3

Despite there being so much to explore in this European paradise, everything seems to take a sweet and rambling way of life.  From chartering a superyacht around the coast to taking a drive across the majestic headlands and losing your way in colorful tapestries of villages, there seem to be a plethora of secrets to unravel and stories to tell.

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History buffs will swoon at the sight of the Nuraghi Bronze Age tombs that adorn the hillsides. Hiking off the beaten track to discover these pieces of the past are sure to lead you stumbling past wild horses who roam the plains and albino donkeys trundling past with carts laden with the freshest vegetables. Without a doubt, Sardinia is the place to stay, to eat, to play and to splash in the emerald splendor.

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes is a seasoned writer and an avid surfer with continuously itchy feet and a love of the finer things in life. After traveling through the continent with a touring band, living in Paris, Amsterdam and under the Auroras Borealis, she is now in Bulgaria where she attempts to piece together her first poetry collection.
Jodie Oakes