Sevruga Restaurant – A Picture of Elegance

Cape Town, an international tourism hotspot, has many popular attractions to its name. One of these is the well-known Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. This complex on the Atlantic boasts everything from a selection of exquisite shops to adrenaline-pumping adventure activities. What stands out for many visitors, however, is the selection of restaurants that offer fine dining at its very best.

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Sevruga is quite simply one of the best restaurants around. From the moment that you enter this establishment, you are aware that you are experiencing something quite special. The décor reflects the never-ending quest for perfection that underlies all aspects of the restaurant. An entrance made of polished marble leads into a wonderful space with timber flooring and American Walnut walls.

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Chairs in luxurious black and cream upholstery, subtle lighting and extensive glass-lined wine racks complete the picture of elegance. And if that isn’t enough, Sevruga boasts incredible views as well. Large glass-filled archways provide uninterrupted views of the ships docked at the quay just in front of the restaurant. All in all, this is a refined restaurant with a warm, buzzing atmosphere.

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Diners can enjoy a drink or two at the sophisticated bar whilst watching a spectacular sunset. The large well-stocked bar is a stylish space that is the perfect start to an evening of wonderful cuisine. Guests can then select to sit either indoors or outdoors, both of which offer extensive seating.

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Sevruga is constructed in such a way that it is ideal for both intimate dinners and larger groups. Whilst the outdoor seating allows diners to savor the setting, large glass panels enable those sitting indoors to see the busy kitchen at work, preparing the dishes that are about to delight their senses.

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Although the menu at Sevruga changes with some regularity, regular guests will realize that favorite signature dishes are kept on the menu for their continued enjoyment. There is a pleasing variety of dishes, from game, to seafood, to sushi, not forgetting the decadent desserts. All dishes feature a delightful balance of flavors and textures.

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Favorite dishes include options such as Springbok Carpaccio (served with a ginger reduction and potato gaufrettes), Baby East Coast Crayfish (served with beef ribs and risotto balls) and the Chocolate and Honeycomb Sundae, containing toasted nuts, biscotti and caramel sauce.

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In addition, Sevruga has a resident Sushi Master. Alan Huang is renowned for his innovative and delightful sushi and dim sum dishes. Great options include Chili Chicken Cha Sui Baau and Lamb XO Pot Stickers. Only the freshest ingredients are used, ensuring a variety of flavorful dishes served with a few different types of soy sauce.

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The service at Sevruga is friendly, accommodating and helpful. They are happy to adjust items on the menu to suit individual dietary requirements and preferences. To a person, the staff is prompt, efficient and polite. Altogether, the various aspects of Sevruga work together to create a truly enjoyable fine dining experience.

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