Smoked Beer in Bamberg, Bavaria

Deep in the heart of beautiful Bavaria you can find the tiny town of Bamberg, a place where children swing from ropes into the fast flowing river, where cobbled streets curve around antique store windows and where microbreweries pop up on every corner. Bamberg is the very essence of Bavaria and despite being filled to the brim with students; it still retains much of its old-world charm and its deep-seated roots.

Smoked Beer and Roses in Bamberg 1

Image Source: By Schubbay via Wikimedia Commons

Hailed as a UNESCO wonder, it’s all too simple to lose a few days exploring the delights of Bamberg, from sipping frothy smoked beer in the malt houses to meandering along the rows of timber framed houses decorating the riverfront, slipping through the fragrant rose gardens and sitting in front of fountains in the square watching the world go by.

Smoked Beer and Roses in Bamberg 2

Image Source: By Berthold Werner via Wikimedia Commons

Castles, canals, and an abundance of Bavarian culture helps you to pay homage to the wonders of Bamberg. Head up the hills and into the pretty courtyards of Altenburg Castle, admire the gothic carvings on the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George and cruise along the river to see the window box flowers dazzle in full bloom. There are over fifty different kinds of beer on offer in Bamberg which may help to explain its buzzing after hour’s nightlife. Yet the culture is far from sip and swirl, it’s all about enjoying the artisanal tastes and pairing it with yeasty black bread, ripened blue cheese and salted butter pretzels.

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Image Source: By Ethan Prater via Flickr

Elegant hotels like the Bamberger Hoff Bellevue boast turn of the century designs to sweep you off your feet. Imbued with the romance of roses growing outside, of spires soaring to touch the sky and of colored parasols beside the river, you are sure to drift through Bamberg as though in a dream. Lofty rooms, antique touches and that graceful warm service that makes Germany so special is sure to make you want to up sticks and move to the depths of the Black Forest.

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Top Image Source: By Tamcgath via Wikimedia Commons

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