Botanical Bliss at the Best Spas in the Turks and Caicos

Luxury beach vacations don’t come any better than the undulating extravagance of the Turks and Caicos, even the very name drizzles like honey over your imagination with images of cream addled shores, azure waters and wooden jetties with candlelit tables. With its endless honeymoon resorts, its balmy bright days and stargazed nights; this is the place to regain balance and to escape the pulsing energy of modern life.

The shores of the Turks and Caicos are littered with luxury spa havens where you can take time to pamper yourself with the fresh scent of wild flowers, feel healing hands caress sun kissed skin and fall into a deep dream of pure bliss. Take a look at the best spas in the Turks and Caicos.

The Regent Palms Spa, Providenciales

Slick style and palatial luxury welcomes you to the world of the Regent Palms nestled on what could only be described as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Regent Palms Spa Providenciales 1

With towering palms where coconuts cling to mirror like waters and bountiful treatment rooms where the sea scent seeps in, you can find exotic spa magic in this heavenly spot. Calming water features and white dressed cabanas invite you to lay down and lose yourself in the signature holistic treatments.

The Regent Palms Spa Providenciales 2

The Mother of Pearl body exfoliation uses crushed queen conch shells to illuminate the skin and the Moonlight and Stars massage is perfect for two beneath the milky glow of the moon.

The Regent Palms Spa Providenciales 3

COMO Parrot Cay Resort

Imagine waking up in the first fingers of sunlight and practicing yoga in the breezy low lying pavilions with endless mirage views of the waters and lush wetlands. At the COMO Parrot Cay Shambhala Retreat this dream can become a reality.

COMO Parrot Cay Shambhala Retreat 1

Long lasting therapies are designed with ancient healing and modern science in mind; you can enjoy the brands signature massage, the hot river stone massage and the art of the Indian head massage to rejuvenate every ounce of your body.

COMO Parrot Cay Shambhala Retreat 2

Ayurveda therapies balance the body, caress the mind and inspire the soul especially when surrounded by the blur of sky meets sea, the spilling scent of orchids and the creamy marble beauty of the COMO resort.

COMO Parrot Cay Shambhala Retreat 3

Amanyara, Providenciales

Tranquil ponds, outdoor yoga Salas and secluded shores splash the resort of Amanyara in a remote wilderness and a manicured bliss that is hard to capture.

Amanyara Providenciales 1

This is a cultivated spot where the elements seem to meet, where the sun melts gold onto everything she touches, the sea sends tremors of gentle sound and the air falls clean and soft onto everyone who graces the sands. The Amanyara spa invites you to take holistic journeys whether you want to quench the thirst of your body and soul with beauty or drift away on the soft clouds of serenity.

Amanyara Providenciales 2

Follow signature treatments with gentle yoga and Pilates sessions before indulging the dream time therapy to the sound of Tibetan singing bowls.

Amanyara Providenciales 3

Red Lane, Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort

Connection, time and love seem to be the ethos at the pretty and popular shores of the Red Lane Spa from the Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Village. Despite being one of the more famous resorts for tourists to flock to the charming spa still manages to peel you away from the outside world and into your own personal oasis of calm.

Red Lane Spa Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort 1

Botanical beauty with ocean fresh views and warm bronzed hands to soothe the skin, these are the hallmarks of a classically inspired experience at Red Lane. The Raindrop Dreams treatment sprinkles your skin with the essence of aromatherapy, the salt bath soak enriches your senses with its mineral fresh magic and the twilight offering of the Night Blooming Jasmine Massage will send you into a golden slumber fit for a queen.

Red Lane Spa Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort 2

Another thing to fall in love with at Red Lane is their new range of Ginger Lily treatments inspired by teens that brings youth, vivacious energy and zesty fresh magic to the table making them perfect for mother, daughter days of pampering.

Red Lane Spa Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort 3

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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