Speakeasy NYC – Five Decadent Venues

The Back Room:

102 Norfolk Street

One of New York’s most authentic speakeasies, this plush Victorian-style bar was a secret bar during the Prohibition Era, providing stiff (and stealth) drinks to flappers through the 1920’s. Today, you can still enjoy delicious cocktails charmingly “disguised” in teacups while sinking into the deliciously deep sofas.

Finding It: Locate the obscure gate labeled Lower East Side Toy Co. Open the gate, descend the stairs, and walk through the ally until you find the front door.

The Back Room: Best Speakeasies ion NYC

Bathtub Gin:

132 Ninth Avenue

Secretly tucked inside a coffee shop, Bathtub Gin is famous for its signature cocktails, spirited weekend crowds, and photo-worthy copper bathtub. The playful atmosphere swirls around silk sofas and velvet damask wallpaper, whispering of a luxurious bygone era.

Finding it: Enter the Stone Street Coffee Company and discover a red light, which indicates the location of Gin’s unmarked entrance.

Bathtub Gin: Best Speakeasies ion NYC

Angel’s Share:

8 Stuyvesant Street

Expert mixologists and romantic interiors have made Angel’s Share one of New York’s hottest “must find” speakeasies. Concealed within an unassuming Japanese restaurant, the doors to Angel’s Share open to reveal a beautifully intimate space filled with gorgeous murals, cozy seating, and bartenders who make every cocktail a work of art.

Finding it: Look for a staircase under the Village Yokocho sign. Go to the 2nd floor and, upon entering the restaurant, enter the unmarked door to the left. Arrive early to avoid a long wait.

Angel's Share: Best Speakeasies ion NYC

The Raines Law Room:

48 W 17th Street

Elegant and sophisticated, The Raines Law Room is the epitome of high society speakeasies. The jazz-infused bar is quiet enough for conversation and offers decadent concoctions while lounging in their leather club chairs.

Finding it: The plain, black door, a few steps below street level, looks suspiciously like a private residence but a gold plaque will confirm you’re in the right place. Ring the doorbell to get on the list and plan for a typical 1-2 hour wait.

The Raines Law Room: Best Speakeasies ion NYC

Bar Centrale:

324 W 46th Street

Reservations are required to enter this beautiful Broadway bar, hidden within a glamorous brownstone and shy of publicity. Upscale theater goers frequent this elegant spot, leisurely sipping gin as though enjoying a fancy cocktail party.

Finding it: The address leads to an obscure brownstone, just next door to Joe Allen. Walk up the stairs, through the front door, and enter via the blue velvet drapes.

Bar Centrale: Best Speakeasies ion NYC

Article by: The Decadence Project is published by Angela Leland, a New York-based interior designer, travel writer, and avid high-heel wearer.

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