Spice Island and the Sweetest Hotels in Zanzibar

With humid spice filled nights and days spent trekking through cracked vanilla pod plantations and stretching out on the sugar spun sands, Zanzibar manages to capture the wildness of Africa with the luxuries of the East.

Endless hours are lost sipping cold beers and watching the sun melt on the horizon but for those days when dreamy imaginings are further at hand you can lose yourself in the tumbling paths of Stone Town, visit witch doctors hidden in the depths of haunted caves and taste cinnamon and spice fresh from the branch.

A world of ripe scents and sounds, Zanzibar is caked in magic and provides the perfect respite for recovering from the dust and delirium of a Tanzania safari close by. For a refined stay on the spice soaked shores take a look at the sweetest hotels in Zanzibar.

Baraza Resort & Spa

In keeping with the theme of setting your senses on fire the Baraza Resort will flood your nostrils with the divine scent of bright bougainvillea, fresh frangipani and sweet jasmine as soon as you set foot in the opulent sultan like grounds.

Baraza Resort & Spa Zanzibar 1

With lashings of cream colored fabrics, the shimmering blues of the pool and a golden aura to everything you touch, this is certainly one of the most regal places to stay. Villas boast four poster beds adorned in romantic silk and gauze, freestanding tubs and ocean views from your own private terrace.

Baraza Resort & Spa Zanzibar 2

Glinting mosaic floors and an Arabian feel emulate from the islands most exclusive spa and with a National Geographic dive site outside your door what more are you waiting for?

Baraza Resort & Spa Zanzibar 3

Essque Zalu Zanzibar

Sprawling in its splendor and with the warmth of spice tumbling down to greet the turquoise salt shores, a stay at the Essque Zalu reminds you that you are indeed in the midst of African magic.

Essque Zalu Zanzibar 1

Private villas with charming thatched roofs welcome you to call this your home away from home especially with in-house massages, chefs and butler service. You can plunge into your own cool pool, wake to the colors of native art work and lose all sense of time without losing the mystery of place.

Essque Zalu Zanzibar 2

Dining al fresco on the jetty is the perfect way to end another day in paradise especially with elegant cocktails, Arabic mezze and a shisha pipe to draw on beneath the expanse of stars.

Essque Zalu Zanzibar 3

Kilindi Zanzibar

Wooden dhows set against sparkling blue waters and white Dali inspired domes rising out of a flush of green, this is the sight that welcomes you to the former residence of Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus.

Kilindi Zanzibar 1

The pavilion guest rooms bedecked in pale sugary colors boast private pools, gardens and circular living rooms where you can watch the endless ebb of the ocean. This is simple perfection at its finest.

Kilindi Zanzibar 2

Dishes are fresh from the inspired kitchen and come when you want them too meaning you can truly live on your own clock. Close by you can stroll through the local plantations where the rich cloves and mangoes blend with the sticky sweet citrus air of lemongrass and jackfruit.

Kilindi Zanzibar 3

The Palms

African regality at its finest can be found in the swaying bliss of The Palms with its rich hued polished woods, its golden touches and its intricate carved lanterns.

The Palms Zanzibar 1

Villas are every flavor of coffee and cream you can imagine and grazed with the Midas touch to make you feel like royalty. With a private beach for the taking in front of your door you can spend endless hours alternating between the warm sea and the soft sands.

The Palms Zanzibar 2

The Sanctuary Spa is all about Swahili style and spiced aromas inviting you to melt away on the luxury day bed and let the healing powers of Africa do its work. World class diving invites you to drift down to the bottom of the blue ocean and discover an underwater playground of discovery.

The Palms Zanzibar 3

Zanzibar Palace Hotel

Discerning travelers who want to swap sunbaked shores for the mystery and allure of Stone Town can stay in the midst of the action at the Zanzibar Palace Hotel.

Zanzibar Palace Hotel 1

With an antique feel that follows you from room to room this is the perfect place for exploring the UNESCO wonder of this timeless spice trade town. This is boutique bliss at its finest with suites boasting kingly beds, mosaic tiled plunge pools and day beds with incredible views and one-of-a-kind rare furnishings flung into every corner of this charming small palatial gem.

Zanzibar Palace Hotel 2

The chef whips up something special and usually fresh from the sea every evening and when paired with rich exotic wines you realize that this is the only way to live.

Zanzibar Palace Hotel 3

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Jodie Oakes

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