St. Lucia Island – Natural Volcanic Beauty

St. Lucia is a small, beautiful island not too far from Central America. It’s best known for the cone-shaped twin peaks that are known as Pitons. It’s this stunning natural beauty that has yacht owners lining up their boats to take in one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands. Whether docked at sea or exploring the land, St. Lucia is sure to please any traveler.

The best place to start your exploration of St. Lucia is

Marigot Bay

. The picturesque area is a yachtsman’s haven and is notable as the backdrop for Hollywood films such as Dr. Doolittle and Fire Power. While the area has several restaurants and a tiny beach, the best thing is to have a relaxing day on your yacht taking in the lush surroundings and enjoying the sunset in the evening.

Discovering the Volcanic Nature of St Lucia Marigot Bay

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When you’re looking to get away from the water, dock at the

Bay in


, the oldest town in St. Lucia and the former French colonial capital. This sleepy town is the perfect place to explore the cultural offerings of the island. In Soufrière, explore the working plantations, the Diamond botanical gardens and waterfalls.

Discovering the Volcanic Nature of St Lucia Soufrière

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Don’t leave Soufrière without exploring the drive-in


. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you begin to pick up the overwhelming smell of the sulfur springs. Once you make it into the volcano, enjoy a therapeutic mud bath a couple hundred yards downstream from the springs.

Discovering the Volcanic Nature of St Lucia Volcano

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Another great area to explore in St. Lucia is

Rodney Bay

, an 80-acre man-made lagoon. The Rodney Bay Marina has 232 slips and is one of the Caribbean’s premier yachting centers. Once you’re off your yacht, you’ll find great shopping, dining and a very beautiful beach. In the evening, join the many visitors that throng the island’s only casino or dance the night away in one of the many nightclubs.

Discovering the Volcanic Nature of St Lucia Rodney Bay

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