Stonehenge Solstice: Experience History Today

Egypt may have the might of the pyramids, Easter Island may have their heads, but England has their circle of stone monoliths, an enigma steeped in spiritual charm, known as Stonehenge. Surrounded by the rolling greens and remote desolation of the Salisbury Plain you can witness one of the wonders of the ancient world and ponder at how these slabs of stone happened to fall upon this plain in such an unusual formation.

The stone circle is famous across the globe and many remark that the circle holds healing powers passed down from the pagans. Whether or not you feel the need to be healed you can be sure that inspiration and poetry is never far from your mind when you witness this awe-inspiring sight.

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The prehistoric monuments give us a rare glimpse into the past and are especially steeped in drama when the sun makes her descent or chooses to rise again. At this moment you will see the light leave fingerprints of pure gold slanting through the stone and can watch the sky bloom like a rose as the shadow seeps across the great plains.

Every Stonehenge solstice, thousands gather at the sacred site to witness the turn of time and to welcome in the new season. There is a celebratory air that hums with energy as fire dancers and flamboyant costumes start to fill the fields. The drum circles and chants provide a swell of excitement and it isn’t unusual to witness mass yoga performances, modern day druids, live music and of course spiritual dancing.

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This is the perfect time to visit Stonehenge if you want to revel in the art of spiritual consciousness and meet thousands of people from all walks of life. Of course if you simply want to visit the Neolithic mystery without another soul in sight then steer well clear of the solstice. Standing alone with nothing but the shadows of the great stones and the sweeping green countryside you are sure to feel a flutter of peace in your soul.


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