Summer Desserts at Hakkasan New York

Hakkasan New York – one of 12 locations around the world – has a new summer dessert menu featuring four impressive, creative desserts inspired by Asian influences and made with local, organic ingredients. Executive Pastry Chef of Hakkasan USA, Rory Macdonald, crafted the menu and said he spent time experimenting with different ingredients to create the ideas he had in mind.

Desserts at Hakkasan New York

“Some desserts take 20 minutes to think of and execute, others take two years,” says Rory. “It’s always the ones that might or might not work out that actually end up working out.”

Chef Rory described the summer desserts as “balanced, and not too sweet, which is great after you have some of the spicy foods at Hakkasan.” The desserts will be available throughout the summer until the local farms he goes to no longer have the ingredients he uses.

Here are the desserts on Hakksan New York’s summer menu:

Strawberries & Champagne

This dessert is made up of vanilla panna cotta, rhubarb sorbet, lemon crumble, organic strawberries and champagne foam topped with Espelette pepper. The strawberries, which are from Berried Treasures Farm in Pennsylvania, are only available for about six months out of the year. Even though they’re smaller than normal strawberries, they are some of the juiciest and sweetest strawberries you’ll taste.

Desserts at Hakkasan New York2

Overall, this is a refreshing, colorful and sexy dessert that actually tastes like you’re drinking a glass of champagne with strawberries. The strawberries & champagne is also served at Hakkasan in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, but each location uses strawberries from local farms near those cities.


Zesty Lemon Tart

The zesty lemon tart is a sophisticated, well-balanced dessert that has three main ingredients: blueberries, lemon and ginger. Apart from the lemon tart, which has a creamy and light texture, on the plate are a ginger crumble, ginger twirl, ginger foam, blueberry sorbet and blueberries from Stony Hill Farm in New Jersey. Together, the combination of the ingredients works really well together to create a delightful dessert. Even if you don’t like ginger, the taste is subtle and it doesn’t overpower the dessert in any way.

Desserts at Hakkasan New York3

For me, the highlight of this dessert is the blueberry sorbet, which is so flavorful and addictive. The color also catches your eye – it’s shiny and resembles a mix between navy blue and burgundy.


Frozen Apricot Bavarois

This next dessert on the menu looks and tastes like summer. It’s an apricot bavarois, which is similar to a dessert mousse, with a sesame Florentine base that adds a crunchy texture to the dish. The bavarois is topped with a kalamansi lime sherbet and fresh, colorful fruits, including apricots from Migliorelli Farm in New York, strawberries, kiwis and blueberries.

Presentation wise, this is an exquisite, vibrant dessert that you just want to dive into. It’s also a lush and cooling dessert that would be perfect to enjoy after eating the Cantonese cuisine at Hakkasan.

Desserts at Hakkasan New York4


Chocolate & Summer Cherry Parfait

Finally, we have Chef Rory Macdonald’s favorite dessert on the menu – the chocolate and summer cherry parfait. Rory experimented with this dessert 30 times before he perfected it, and the result is an impressive dessert that is delicious, rich and satisfying.

Desserts at Hakkasan New York5

This parfait is made with organic chocolate, a Sicilian pistachio mousse and sour cherry jam filling, Jasmine rice gelato and rice crackers. The chocolate is 72 percent organic chocolate from Cacao Prieto in Brooklyn, which sources their cacao from a self-sustainable family farm in Dominican Republic. It’s rich and creamy with a hint of a smoky flavor to it, and it tastes great with the filling.

This dessert is also available at Hakkasan’s San Francisco location.

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