Superyacht Adventure: Inspired by Vikings

Superyachts and long ships may be very different classes of water bound transport but at heart they have the same purpose; to travel, to explore and to unveil new lands. Whilst the Vikings may have stumbled upon foreign shores for plunder, you can follow in their footsteps and embrace living history with a Viking inspired superyacht adventure. From seeing the mythical lands of Odin to feasting on the finest foods, swilling ale beside a roaring fire and throwing axes, this is your chance to live like the kings of old without compromising your own extravagant luxury.

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MY Starfire can take you through the weaving wonderland that is Norway, as you sail along the fjords in spectacular surroundings you can watch waterfalls hammer the cliffs, see mountains rise into snow peaked spires, trees that seem to hold up the weight of the sky and mists that steam from the emerald waters come morning. Let the legends embrace you as you enjoy earl-like comforts with soft oversized beds, bubbling Jacuzzi’s, a private chef and every whim and desire taken care of, on a Viking inspired superyacht adventure.

Superyacht Adventure Norway Inspired by Vikings 2

Viking Ships in Oslo

The capital city of Oslo is a diamond shining brightly in a chest of jewels, blending cosmopolitan grace with worldly history; you can dabble in the delights of old whilst soaking up contemporary Scandinavian culture. Start your Viking lore discovery at the Viking Ship Museum where you will find two original ships from the 9th century, impressive in their shape and splendor. Seeing the carved wood of these ships up close is sure to bring images of bloody warriors returning across the fjords from the far-flung world of the west. Afterwards, you can steam in the sauna back on MY Starfire before enjoying a glug of top shelf whiskey and a tour of the famous Oslo Opera House.

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Image Source: By jorn_pettersen via Flickr

Viking Sailing

Sailing along the ribboned fjords like the Vikings of old on your superyacht charter you can see the world through their eyes, relatively unchanged throughout the centuries. Grab a book on Viking lore or brush up on Norse mythology as you sit in the calming beauty of MY Starfire’s aft deck, with one eye on the horizon you will see velvet greens and golds set against the black depths of the rising cliffs, you will see veiled waterfalls straight out of a scene from Valhalla, and deserted lonely shores. As your captain navigates the water imagine you are heading for foreign shores to plunder and pay homage to the gods.

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Lofotr Viking Museum

Step ashore on the Lofoten Islands where you will find Borg and the world’s largest Viking longhouse. Fantasy, fact and fiction shimmer to life on this island with all the fun of historical role play. In the reconstructed authentic mead hall you can down horns of ale with the Viking chieftain, let the slaves fetch you platter after platter of traditional food like fish, wild boar and locally raised lamb to feast on, letting the scent of smoke, fire and tar linger in your memory. Storytelling turns faces to shadows around the fire, and the sound of the waters licking the hull of the replica Gokstad Ship takes you back in time. In the warmer months, you can throw axes, row the great ship and taste the homemade mead.

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Viking Valley Market, Gudvangen

As you sail for the UNESCO wonder of the Nærøyfjord, a place where the scenery of wild Norway reaches a climatic peak you can sip even more mead in the soothing bliss of the Jacuzzi, watch HBO’s popular Viking series on the outdoor cinema screen and taste the best in fresh Nordic cuisine from the kitchen of the chef. Landing in Gudvangen you can explore the stalls of a traditional medieval market. Peek inside tents where Viking inspired handicrafts are painstakingly curated, watch the dramas of role play unfold before you and of course in true Viking fashion, eat, drink and be merry for the whole long day until the stars start to fold in the sky.

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Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
Carl Sputh