Superyacht Charter Bliss in Little Italy

Carpe diem, the very term should give your next superyacht charter adventure real meaning, especially when you are gliding through sun-dappled blue waters around the painted pretty shore of the Cinque Terre. Italy for superyachts is nothing short of a mesmerizing affair, from slurping fresh seafood linguine on the Amalfi Coast to tearing pizza with your teeth in Naples, frolicking in the playground of the rich and famous on the Isle of Capri and admiring the views with a glass of golden white on the terraces of Positano, this is a side of the Italian Riviera that seems to ooze effortless charm and foodie appeal.

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MY Starfire invites you to discover the gems of hidden Italy, aboard the beautiful superyacht you can relish in perfecting the good life with swimming in the jeweled blue sea, anchoring off the trendiest spots along the coast and dining on the finest Italian food you could ever wish for. When the night closes in you can step ashore for cocktails at the coolest hubs or simply curl up and watch Roman Holiday time and time again at the outdoor cinema onboard MY Starfire.

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Day 1 – Porto Cervo

Shimmy Down the Costa Smeralda

Start your awe-inspiring journey through Italy on the Costa Smeralda, a place where the sands are white and fine and the sea a delirious shade of blue-green earning it its name. With yachts scattered bright and breezy along the harbor you are sure to rub shoulders with the ‘it’ crowd, to wander the gorgeous chic streets and to try out the famous gelato as you walk barefoot through the surf. After a night on the town, you can return to the calming splendor of MY Starfire for a top shelf nightcap before slipping between silken sheets.

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Day 2 – Cala di Volpe

Cocktails in the Club Lounge

Nothing can compare to a morning teeing off in world class settings and on the emerald slip of Cala di Volpe that is exactly what you can do. This pristine hideaway has everything you need for a superyacht affair that makes it a jetsetters’ favorite. Sip a few cocktails in the club lounge before spending the afternoon exploring the verdant and gold coastline on your own Jet Ski from the endless water toy supply of MY Starfire.

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Day 3 – La Maddalena

Turquoise and Topaz Hues

A rich and sublime archipelago, La Maddalena is without a doubt one of the Holy Grails when it comes to Sardinia’s stretch of coast. Waking up you can gaze in amazement at the turquoise and topaz hues that lap at the side of the superyacht begging to be embraced. Spend the day discovering the bright marine waters, walk barefoot along the pink beach of Budelli island and watch the rare birds flock to the rocky shores of the stunning Spargi Island. Diving, snorkeling and enjoying a fresh heavenly seafood supper is enough to ensure your day runs like a dream.

Superyacht Charter in Little Italy 5

Day 4 – Bonifacio

A Sculpted Wonder

Perched on a sculpted cliff with crumbling whitewash houses gleaming against the blue of the sea, Bonifacio is sure to take your breath away the moment it shimmers into sight. After a glorious breakfast on board, you can hit the town to wander the medieval streets, grab lunch at a postcard pretty eatery and admire the local way of life. Before the final moments of sunset, you should take a kayak out and explore the nooks and crannies of the jagged coastline and dark deep caves changing color in the light of the last fingers of daylight.

Day 5 – Pontine Islands

The Perfect Summer Playground

Scattered between the waters of Rome and Naples the Pontine Islands are the perfect summer playground for elite travelers. Start the day with a fresh shellfish and cocktail brunch on deck before taking the Jet Ski around the craggy coast and laughing as you splash in the turquoise amulet waters. The pretty pint sized town of Ponza is where you will find the action mashed into the streets around the pastel-painted buildings. Hunt for the perfect seaside souvenirs, enjoy dinner in a charming family run restaurant and take a bottle of wine back to MY Starfire for an evening of bubbles and stargazing in the Jacuzzi.

Superyacht Charter in Little Italy 6

Day 6 – Positano

Poster Child of the Amalfi Coast

Ever the poster child of the perfectly poised Amalfi Coast, Positano is a fragrant breath of fresh air that is sure to steal the show. After gazing dreamily at the Moorish houses tumbling down the velvet green cliff, it’s time to hit the shore to peruse the famous boutiques that pull in designers from across the globe. Grab your comfiest sandals and climb the narrow streets that wind up the mountainside, refresh with a glass of crisp chardonnay before slipping back down for a swim before you climb back onboard your superyacht.

Superyacht Charter in Little Italy 7

Day 7 – Capri

Designer Living

Capri, its name is sure to ring out in history especially when it comes to favored islands of the rich and famous. This rugged little spot is fringed by golden rocks, its villas glisten like diamonds against jade and its winding streets throng and heave with boutique stores, chic eateries and world-class hotels. Leave the splendor of your superyacht behind for a day discovering the graces of Capri. Taste world famous cuisine, splurge on those spectacular designer shoes and then escape the hordes by taking your tender to a secluded bay for a sunset champagne toast.

Superyacht Charter in Little Italy 8

Day 8 – Naples

Pizza and Pompeii

Your last day takes you gliding into the Bay of Naples, one of Italy’s most infamous cities perched under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. This is a city full of flavor and charm; spend the morning wandering through the dazzling streets where locals call from the windows and markets permeate the air with the scent of fresh home cooking. Don’t miss the chance to visit Pompeii close by and to see an ancient world preserved beneath fire and ash. Spend the evening eating the world’s best pizza and strolling the streets with a gelato in hand before returning to MY Starfire.

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Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
Carl Sputh