Superyacht Charter Greece: Top 5 Things to Do

Gorgeous Greece knows how to send her siren song across the waters, calling superyachts from across the globe to breeze in like the ships of old, tempting you to swim in the clear azure hued waters, to climb the golden goddess rocks, to visit crumbling ruins of yesteryear and to bring those scenes of myth and legend to life in your imagination.

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MY Starfire pulls back the silvery veil on the sweetness of Greece; spend the summer sailing to the favored islands, tasting figs fresh from the branch, listening to stories as you stretch out on the white gleaming deck soaking up the summer as it was always mean to be.

When indulging in a Superyacht charter Greece to the gold and blue beauty, be sure to ask Captain Sputh to drop the anchor of MY Starfire at these must-see spots.

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Sunsets in Santorini

The famed Santorini is ever on traveler’s lips when it comes to discussing the highlights of Greece. Sailing across the blue bay on your superyacht as soon as you glimpse the rising star of Santorini you will feel as though you have stumbled onto a movie set. Whitewash houses with sparkling painted blue rooftops cling precariously to the cliff, edged with a green floral trim and flanked at the bottom by the breathtaking blue waters, this is Santorini. Yet it’s the sunset that draws visitors in, at the end of a beautiful balmy day you can sit on the plush pale aft deck of MY Starfire with a cocktail in hand and watch the sky rouge with shades of pink, lavender, and gold. Those feeling adventurous can take a kayak out and bask in the serene solitude.

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Ancient Athens

Athens may be a sprawl of a city soaked in the fog of fumes and the crush of people, but those with an interest in ancient history should make an afternoon jaunt to the capital. Leave your superyacht sparkling in the sea and head to the Parthenon perched on top of the Acropolis. There is something awe-inspiring about setting foot in the city and gazing up at the mighty temple which has witnessed many of history’s great events. Climbing the rocky crag, you will come across pale columns standing proud, the remains of monuments and temples, and the knowledge of scholars and peasants walking the same cobbled road for thousands upon thousands of years.

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Maze of Mykonos

Another Cycladic island gem, Mykonos seems almost to be made for superyachts. MY Starfire can drop anchor in the heavenly blue waters close to shore, leaving you with the maze of magical Mykonos right at your doorstep. Those seeking fresh seafood pleasures and bliss upon the shore will find the charming tables and sea views of Little Venice a welcome retreat. Yet for those seeking soulful partying, lavish cocktails and a rare buzz that filters through the streets from dusk until dawn you can be sure to find it in this party capital. After a night out on the town invite your new found friends back to the bliss of your superyacht for another bottle of champagne and a dip in the hot tub.

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Blue of Myrtos Beach

Sojourning on a superyacht across the shores of Greece you are sure to spend a lot of time in the water. Those seeking the finest and most beautiful stretch of the shore out of all the islands can enjoy love at first sight when they sail close to Myrtos Beach. Framed by rising dark mountains and sheer white cliffs, this beach is a mirage of creamy marble stones and cornflower blue waters. With so many toys and tenders on MY Starfire, this is the time to splash and embrace the art of watersports. Take a kayak out exploring, grab the Jet Ski and test your need for speed, try your hand at water skiing of the back of the tender or simply slip on the snorkel and shimmy across the glazed blue surface seeking colorful fish below.

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Cruise to Crete

One of the best things about sailing on a superyacht is the fact that the world has no bounds and in Greece this means that you can discover the tiny island gem of Crete. Crete is as old as time and brimming with incredible treasures. The cradle of ancient European civilization you can explore the ruined city of Knossos, hike the length of the mighty Samaria Gorge, listen to the tale of the minotaur in the maze and taste some of the finest cuisine. This mini play park of history, wining and dining can be yours to explore on MY Starfire.

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Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
Carl Sputh