Superyacht Destinations for Wining and Dining

Mouthwatering, mesmerizing and abundant in the finest flavors – for the culinary connoisseur there can be no better way to explore the world of taste then on a superyacht charter. MY Starfire gives you the freedom to explore, to glide from port to port and to discover a plethora of world class chefs making waves in the world of fine wine and gourmet dining. Whether it’s freshly caught fish swimming in coconut milk and spices in the beautiful Bahamas or hand rolled pasta with jewel-like clams on Italy’s Amalfi coast, you can open your palate to an exciting world that ignites all the senses with these top superyacht destinations for wining and dining.

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The Amalfi Coast

Ah Italy, land of comforting homemade food served on checkered tablecloths, simple ingredients that pierce the heart and markets that abound with the heady delight of pure flavor. No place in Italy captures the joy of food quite like the charm and picturesque lore of the Amalfi Coast. Drop anchor on your superyacht and hit the seafront towns of the Cinque Terre to taste the glistening white globes of silky buffalo mozzarella, the citrus leaves stuffed with candied orange peel and roman figs and the melt in the mouth pasta drizzled with fresh olive oil and tossed with mussels fresh off the boat. Of course cross the waters to the grace and grime of Napoli where you can taste crisp chewy pizza bases topped with torn basil and grandmas recipe tomato sauce.

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It may not have the glitz and the glamor of the French Riviera, it may not have the style of Paris and it doesn’t have the rural lavender bliss of Provence, yet Marseille strikes its own chord when it comes to good living, boasting some of the best off the record finds of superior dining. Brimming with life and with a seedy underbelly pulsing below the surface, you may be tempted to skip this rough around the edges city, yet those who want pure French flavor with a twist should dust off preconceptions and plunge into the chaos. Being perched so close to the edge of the sea the infamous Bouillabaisse can be found on every menu in Marseille. Fish in all creeds and colors is slowly stewed and laced with olive oil, floury potatoes, lashings of garlic and sprinklings of paprika and saffron. The pale milky green Pastis is downed at every sitting and shrimp risottos are so creamy that they stick to the roof of your mouth.

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Trinidad and Tobago

Time to turn up the heat with a delectable visit to the colorful shores of Trinidad and Tobago. Diving into azure waters, snorkeling with brightly painted fish and sipping rum cocktails on the beach – this is what superyacht days are made off. Local cuisine is playful, fresh and utilizes every aspect of the land and the sea. Dig your heels into the sand with bespoke barefoot dining as you chow down on grilled lobster tail and burnt brown sugar Crème Brule. After a morning of sundrenched watersports on your superyacht nothing hits the spot like chana chickpea doubles smeared with tamarind sauce and a dollop of freshly diced cucumber washed down with a fresh iced coconut water straight from the shell. For something truly authentic end the day with a bowl filled to the brim with curried crab and dumplings to the sound of the lapping sea.

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Playground of the rich and famous, the British Virgin Isles know how to deliver when it comes to fine living. Martinique is a veritable paradise boasting dreamy white and blue beaches, exclusive clubs littering the shores and designer goodies at every turn. The food manages to blend sumptuous style with traditional warmth ensuring that every morsel is something sent from heaven. The fusion of French finesse meets Caribbean spice means that you can peruse chalkboards scrawled with fried snapper, simmering spiced stews, melon and blood orange soups and conches served with the freshest locally sourced peppers imaginable. Gourmet tables and homegrown chefs flare across the savvy and sophisticated island of Martinique and seems to put a top shelf splash on local home cooked dining.

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The crew on MY Starfire adores the art of fine food and the chef is always seeking inspiration from far-flung shores and distant seas. Whether it’s a local brunch of silvery anchovies, flaky pastries, and Greek yoghurt, a lunch of the local catch of the day served with zesty fresh white wine and a gourmet extravagant five-course supper with friends on the deck, MY Starfire is its own floating world of vivacious flavor.

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Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
Carl Sputh