Table No. 10 Introduces Approachable Fine Dining to San Diego’s East Village

Table No. 10 in San Diego’s East Village is a “New American” restaurant that offers approachable fine dining and plates that are suited to share. Opened in July 2014, the name of the restaurant refers to the chef’s table, which is located adjacent to the kitchen and is ideal for observing Jason Gethin’s innovative approach to his cuisine in action. Apart from the gourmet modern American cuisine, Table No. 10 also serves homemade sodas, craft cocktails, local craft beer and boutique wines.

Located within walking distance of San Diego’s famous Petco Park, Table No. 10 has a rustic and laid-back feel with a simple décor and open ceiling. Formerly a historic 1919 carnation milk factory building, the restaurant recently renovated its interiors to create an ambiance that is nostalgic, warm and relaxed.

Table No 10 Introduces Approachable Fine Dining 1

Table No. 10 is Jason Gethin’s first restaurant venture as an owner. His friend and co-owner, Cooper McLaughlin, created the menu to include an array of small plates and entrées that aren’t necessarily tapas, but are suited to share at the table. The menu was influenced by different regions of the United States and techniques Gethin perfected while working at restaurants. Today, he uses the freshest seasonal ingredients, incorporates unique flavors into every meal and creates beautiful presentations.

To start your meal, try the salad pictured below made of candied beats, pickled pecans, goat cheese mousse and a burnt orange vinaigrette that adds a nice acidic flavor. Overall, the salad is fresh and colorful, and the goat cheese mousse is light and airy.

Table No 10 Introduces Approachable Fine Dining 2

For your main course, the two dishes below are perfect examples of how Table No. 10 incorporates unique flavors into their dishes and makes them work well together. The first meal is the duck confit, parsnip puree, market mushrooms, squash agnolotti and orange gastric. This great tasting dish is comforting and well-balanced with simple flavors.

Table No 10 Introduces Approachable Fine Dining 3

The second meal, the Scottish salmon cioppino (fish stew), is made with braised celery, potato, mussels, and consume.The salmon is cooked perfectly with a crispy skin, and the broth made with tomato paste has an interesting, distinct taste that really adds a lot of flavor to all of the components.

Table No 10 Introduces Approachable Fine Dining 4

Dessert just might be the highlight of your experience at Table No. 10. A recommendation from the staff, the tiramisu doughnut is made up of coffee-soaked tiramisu doughnuts with vanilla cream filling, lady fingers, homemade vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate bits, coffee cake with coffee gastrique, and a drizzle of caramel. It’s a creative and delightful dessert that can be best described as a tiramisu that’s been broken apart.

Table No 10 Introduces Approachable Fine Dining 5

Table No. 10
369 10th Ave
San Diego, California, United States 92101

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