Taketomi Island: White Sand Beaches, Japan

Take a deep breath of pristine air and throw yourself into the floral beauty and ancient traditions of Taketomi Island in Japan. Perched off the shores of Okinawa this tiny island is home to a mere three hundred inhabitants who spend their days strumming stringed banjo instruments, tending the vibrant flower gardens and weaving in the shade. A world away from anywhere else you could ever imagine this is the place to drop all expectations and bask in the beauty of a simpler way of life. Take a tour of the island on the back of a water buffalo, perfect the art of breathing as the sun rises on the beach and rent a bike to discover a place as far from the beaten track as you can get.

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Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/maru0522

Taketomi Island is a rare wonder no matter which way you turn, even the beaches are a far cry from the usual sugary sands of brochures and instead boast star shaped grains and crushed fossils that crunch beneath your feet. The waters feel fresh against your skin and teem with pale butterfly fish, giddy clown fish and decadent coral colors. Snorkeling in the afternoons is the perfect way to embrace the natural gifts and rediscover your Zen like calm. The beaches are a kaleidoscope of blue flanked beautifully by a mirage of white sands, and the best part – you will rarely find hordes of tourists stealing the sun.

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Taketomi Island is a national heritage site with homes constructed of red tile roofs and rich coral walls, the roads are crafted from coral and when the ocean breeze stirs the leaves on the trees you feel a million miles away from the bustling and silver glistening cities of modern world Japan. It is said that people from this region live longer than any other place in the world and when you sit down to dine on locally caught tuna, lobster, fresh fruit juices and incredible bright vegetables grown only a stone’s throw away from the door you can feel the sacred energy of local goodness pulsing in your veins.

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Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/663highland

Top Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/663highland

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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