Elegance and Formal Fun at Michael Caines Abode

Escaping the rain and grime of Manchester’s city streets couldn’t be more chic then when you tiptoe down into the basement of Abode and find Michael Caines. The national treasure is already renowned for his Michelin star magic and the art of elegance and fine dining blend beautifully in this branch of the empire.

The suave sommelier leads you to a tucked away table besides the bar and tempts your finesse with a creative cocktail menu that is sure to dazzle. A champagne aperitif kissed with elderflower is the perfect way to tantalize your taste buds as you take in the affluent atmosphere of this underground den.

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Dark wood, a hint of glass and low level lighting are the hallmarks of ultra-modern and understated design that steeps the room in intimacy without compromising on the formality of the evening. Curious connoisseurs looking to explore the gastronomic designs of Michael Caines can opt for the six course tasting menu paired with world-class wines that perfectly match plate to palate.

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Crafted from Michael Caines signature dishes it is easy to see how much thought and decadence has gone in to the planning of the tasting menu as bright and zesty fish dishes are followed and balanced with rich, dark meats and desserts.

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The roasted Isle of Mull scallops served with a Carpaccio of Octopus melt on the tongue and the delicate flavors are lifted into a zesty crescendo with a bite of fresh apple and wasabi. The roasted stone bass is as opaque as a freshly picked pearl and complemented perfectly by the tingle of ginger jus and the sweet roasted parsnips.

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Dinner takes a slightly darker turn as you leave the foam of the ocean behind to graze in the paddocks and pasture. The Cheshire Beef Sirloin served with Ox cheek, shallots and a rich deep red wine sauce is not for the faint of heart. Every morsel of beef tenderly blushes pink and rolls around the palate like butter, the red wine sauce is not a gentle touch and its extravagance in flavor will leave no taste bud unturned.

To cleanse and refresh your senses once more, the coconut panacotta is as light as a cloud with only the mango and lime sorbet to bring you back down to the ground. Followed by a confit orange sorbet and dark chocolate mousse the balance is once again tipped to the edge. Even though there may be certain favorites to fall in love with on the menu you cannot deny the sojourn of texture and flavor that Michael Caines takes you on.

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The wine list is extensive and full of grand estate favorites, the sommelier knows how to hit the mark with recommendations whether you are seeking a Louis Roederer Cristal for that sweet celebration or looking for a Pouilly-Fumé that goes down slow and easy.

The circular tables are well laid out for people watching and with a new waiter at every whim and turn; it’s a little difficult to feel connected to the environment but ideal for those looking to lock eyes with only each other. Diners seeking something formal and full of fancy should be sure to swing by and see how Michael Caines plays with flavor.

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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Jodie Oakes