Thailand – Indulge in a Traditional Thai Massage

If it isn’t already, then a traditional Thai massage should definitely be one of your bucket list ideas. I must admit that I am a big fan of massages – they never fail to relax and rejuvenate. It’s just sheer indulgence and bliss from start to finish. So of course when I went to Thailand, I had to try a traditional Thai massage. And I had to have one every day, from a different masseuse every time, just to make sure.

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A traditional Thai massage was unlike any other kind of massage I had ever had. For one, you are provided with comfy loose-fitting cotton garments. At first this seemed a bit strange, but I soon understood why. Having a Thai massage is a lot like yoga for lazy people. Don’t get me wrong – I love yoga. The only difference is that the masseuse actively pushes and pulls you into all sorts of positions. It sounds bizarre, but it really does work. It’s almost like you’re wrestled into relaxation.

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Thai massage invokes ancient wisdom of the healing arts to promote relaxation and wellness. In fact, it incorporates both yoga and ayurvedic principles. It’s a holistic form of healing that can be seen, paradoxically, as both a necessity and a luxury. (As a fan of massages, this makes complete sense to me.) It works in conjunction with your body’s meridians and blood circulation, promoting the natural healing processes in your body. A Thai massage is an intriguing combination of massage, stretching and acupressure.

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It comes as no surprise to me that one of the benefits of Thai massage is increased flexibility! Other benefits include relief from physical and emotional tension, migraines, asthma, sleeplessness, blocked energy, and a range of other ailments. Interestingly, Thai massage also promotes mindfulness, which modern Psychology is now recognizing as a potent approach to life and wellness. This is one of the more critical differences between Thai and more conventional Swedish-type massages: convention massages allow you to zone out (and even fall asleep), whereas Thai massages are more engaging and energizing. But this is not a criticism. Far from it. Thai massages are just as indulgent and gratifying as more conventional massages, if not more so.

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So if it’s both relaxation and rejuvenation that you are after, then make sure you indulge in a traditional Thai massage when in you’re in that part of the world. And by all means, indulge in one every day. Just to make sure.

Emma Flemming

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