The Everglades Florida – Nature’s Untouched Wonderland

Untouched wilderness, serene environment and nature at its best… Everglades is a small city in Florida, United States, which has yet not undergone deterioration owing to the over-crowding of the tourists. The untamed wildlife is the biggest attraction of the city which surely intrigues visitors, regardless of age seeking off the beaten track vacation ideas.

Unlike the typical nationalized parks that are often thronged with the likes of snakes and a few deer only, The Everglades National Park is a beautiful abode to numerous wild animals and species of birds. To make your stay memorable, numerous means of accommodations have recently opened that ensure a cozy and comfortable stay.

Here’s what to do in Everglades

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Plan your trip from Homestead to Flamingo

The road that passes through the national park, better known as the “38 miles of nothing” traverses through each and every eminent natural habitat that’s worth paying attention to! So, while you hop on a bus that takes you to Flamingo, you are taken through habitations like cypress domes, sawgrass marshes, mangroves and sloughs.

It is at the discretion of the tourists to stop at each of these habitats to witness the animal occupants and watch their unrestricted activities. The Anhinga Trail boardwalk calls for the longest stoppage as it is intriguing to watch the inhabitants; alligators and birds thrive here.

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Hop on a boat to discover the Cape Sable

Cape Sable is a nondescript and isolated beachscape located at the bottom edge of the peninsula of Florida. It is fun to explore varied connected beaches of Cape Sable via a boat. However, many brave hearts and professional swimmers often take to canoe to rendezvous with the beaches more closely. Canoeing, especially during low tide, takes you closer to the inhabitants of the beaches, especially the shorebirds, gulls, wading birds, terns and pelicans.

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Visit the Shark Valley

The valley lies on the northern entrance of the national park. The valley is most-visited for its splendid observation tower, standing erect at a height of 65ft. The tower is known to offer some of the best sights of the Everglades National Park.

After hopping on the tower, you get a chance to watch animals like turtles, alligators and snail kites thriving in the park. Reaching the loop tower is itself a great expedition. The journey easily takes around two hours via bike and becomes even more adventurous if reached during early morning hours when early rise animals like deer are up grazing in the marshland.

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Explore the Ten Thousand Islands

The Ten Thousand Islands, better known as the Wilderness Waterway is a beautiful medley of uncountable mangrove isles. The entire waterway is an unbelievably huge as 100 mile long stretch replete with rivers, lagoons, creeks and open bays. One of the best vacation ideas is to take a canoe or a small kayak to enjoy the intricacies of these small water bodies closely. The Turner River Canoe Trail offers a day long trip to the tourists who immensely enjoy watching the birds, alligators, sea turtles and manatees that live in their natural habitats.

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