The London Eye – Best London Sunset Tour

London is an intoxicating city to get your teeth into. From hushed museums to thumping nightclubs, the city is jam-packed with cultural and historical treasures and some of the world’s best travel experiences. But to fully experience the Big Smoke you also have to see it from afar. When looking for a spot from which to soak up the view, you simply can’t beat a luxury tour of the city skyline on the top attraction of the London Eye.

The London Eye A Luxury Tour of the London Skyline 1

Officially opened in 2000, the London Eye is the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel. While some doubted the need for a 135m Ferris wheel on South Bank, now most Londoners struggle to imagine their fair city without it. The London Eye is truly a top attraction and has itself become an integral part of the cityscape.

For tourists, the Eye is a quintessential London experience, and for good reason too. The view is breathtaking, the photo opportunities are unrivalled, and the 30-minute rotation is sure to be one of the most magical moments of your trip – but you’ve got to do it right.

The London Eye A Luxury Tour of the London Skyline 2

First, skip the crowds. Nothing kills romance quicker than an hour long line-up. The Fast Track service allows you to leapfrog over the bored couples and fidgeting kids and will see you off on your “flight” – like a ride on the Eye is known – in record time.

The London Eye A Luxury Tour of the London Skyline 3

There are a number of spots in London that yield some spectacular views, from the top of St Paul’s Cathedral to the walkway above the O2. But arguably, the Eye beats them all – perhaps only rivaled by the View from the Shard. While the great wheel makes its turn each of the 32 state-of-the-art passenger capsules slowly revolve too, providing you with a 360-degree panorama.

The London Eye A Luxury Tour of the London Skyline 4

And what a panorama! A flight on the Eye showcases many of London’s most famous sites. Just across the water sits the Houses of Parliament and the unmistakable tower of Big Ben, and as you make your ascent you see Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s London Residence. From the top, you can gaze right across the city to where the buildings trail off, and the green countryside begins. Look east, and you spy the soaring structures of the Gherkin and the Shard, and the dome-roofed of St Paul’s.

The London Eye A Luxury Tour of the London Skyline 5

This is one of the best vistas in London; you don’t want to be glimpsing it between heads on a crowded capsule. For unobstructed views, opt for a private capsule. With the option of chocolate, wine, champagne and whiskey tasting, you can make this already unforgettable experience all the more memorable.

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