Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Be it the captivating colonial Morelia, the bustling Mexico City, the quintessentially Indian Oaxaca or the picturesque Guadalajara, each city of Mexico has a personality of its own with its distinct set of sights, sounds, savors and smells. While you are on a trip to the country, you simply cannot miss a visit to the famed Mexican cities to get a good glimpse of their multitudinous facets.

Let’s take a quick tour through the ten must visit cities in Mexico.


A Seaside Settlement for Sightseers

An erstwhile tranquil fishing hamlet, this coastal town is deemed the ‘crown jewel’ of Riviera Nayarit. Stay at a beachside villa or a jungle resort, eat a home-cooked lunch and enjoy a romantic seaside dinner, learn to surf and snorkel, hike through nature trails or ride on horseback, play golf, and watch humpback whales and sea turtles in their natural habitat. What more can you want to complete your vacation?

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - Sayulita


A Little Look into Legends and Legacies

Set in the scenic valley, this UNESCO World Heritage city was the hub of silver mining activities since its establishment in 1559. A stroll through the city’s cobblestoned alleyways and tunnels will reveal its Bajio roots. With its charming colonial constructions, fascinating museums, cozy cafes, and colorful markets – it is one place you will love to explore. And don’t forget to be part of a callejoneada, a walking serenade.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - Guanajuato

San Miguel De Allende

A Multi-dimensional Mexican Metropolis

Blossoming Jacaranda trees, the pink façade of the Parroquia Church and the warm glow of the sunrise create magic in spring. And once you have braved the flights, you enter a fascinating world of meandering cobblestoned alleys, beautiful specimens of colonial and Spanish architecture, neat galleries and quaint shops selling handicrafts, street food vendors and rooftop restaurants.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - San Miguel De Allende


Spell of Splendid Sights and Sumptuous Savors

Fondly called the City of Angels, this place was famed for its Conservative Catholic character, of which the dramatic cathedral and lovely churches, adorned with azulejos, or colored ceramic tiles, are living proof. But it is so much more. Stunning houses, winding streets, inviting gardens make way for flourishing art and exciting nightlife. And you simply can’t miss the culinary creations, be it the mole or the pecan-pine nut fudge.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - Puebla


An Enthralling Escapade to Early Times

Want a taste of true Mexico? Plan a trip to this city surrounded by intriguing villages and astounding archeological sites. Explore the remnants of the Zapotec Civilization (500 BC-800AD), experience the fiestas in the Zocalo (main square), enjoy the exhibits at the museums, examine the crafts (textiles, wood carvings, ceramics and tin work), and eat to your heart’s content the spicy fried grasshoppers and the Mexican hot chocolate.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - Oaxaca

San Cristobal de las Casas

A Laid-back Lure

Climb the steep stone staircase of the San Cristobal Church to reach the mirador (observatory) – a magnificent vista awaits you – a lovely city set in a beautiful valley dotted with little villages and surrounded by grand mountains. With its architectural gems, vibrant houses, pretty plazas, and little markets, it sure is a delightful place. Visit the villages to get a glimpse of the life of the original Mayan communities.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - San Cristobal de las Casas


Entry to an Enchanted Empire

Be it the Mayan ruins of the Palenque archaeological site with the Temple of Inscriptions, the Natural Protected Areas of Naha and Metzabok with their jaguar, hocofaisan (rare pheasant) and quetzal, or the Bonampak (painted walls) in the Lacandona Jungle, each of these spots is easily accessible from this city. Stay at a jungle hideout and taste exotic delicacies such as deer stew, duck in chilmol sauce and drink the indigenous pozol.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - Palenque

Playa Del Carmen

A Medley of Merriments

A little way from the lively Cancun and Cozumel sits this city with a European flair and a Mexican soul. For the adventure seekers, it offers opportunities to swim, dive, snorkel and explore the vibrant coral reefs dotted with lilac sea fans and meet the rays, sea turtles and moray eels. For the relaxed vacationers, it offers opportunities to enjoy lobster dinners, shop for silver jewelry and souvenirs and party until late.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - Playa Del Carmen

Mexico City

A Mosaic of Multihued Moments

Built by the Spanish over the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, this hub presents an ever pulsating picture for visitors. A history buff will love its National Palace and Metropolitan Cathedral; an art enthusiast will adore its National Museum and Modern Art Museum; a culture aficionado will admire its masked wrestlers at the lucha libre arena and its exciting nightlife. And for a gourmet, it is the best of Mexico served on a platter!

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - Mexico City

Isla Mujeres

Secluded Slice of Serenity

If you are considering your choices, opt for this wisp of blissful solitude. The Island of Women offers excellent opportunities to relax. And whether you wish for a luxury cottage for your stay or an epicurean restaurant for your dinner, or just a spot to sit and sip your drink, this is the place for you. And if are looking for a little fun, go snorkeling or scuba diving in the warm, crystal clear waters and see the abundant life underneath.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Mexico - Isla Mujeres

Plan now, and plan well, and make your Mexican vacation a time to remember.

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