Top 10 Dive Sites in Bonaire

Bonaire is a scuba divers paradise boasting numerous sites with teeming tropical waters, pristine vision and warm and welcoming temperatures that delight. Chartering a superyacht across the bright cerulean waters ensures that you can explore the best dive sites that Bonaire has to offer. MY Starfire is a luxury superyacht for charter that will take you in complete style and exquisite to discover the exceptional underwater marine playground in beautiful Bonaire.

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Take a sneak preview at the memorable sights and sounds of the best 10 diving spots to head for.

Blue Hole

Drop off the edge of the world with a diving adventure into the blue hole. As you fall down into the depths you will pass walls of clinging bright coral curious reef sharks, drifting rays and shy turtles. Strong currents and fast waters can be challenging as they pull you down but for experienced divers you can feed your adrenaline with one of the most exciting dives in Bonaire.

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The depths of Karapata are a wonder to explore and keen photographers will fall in love with the rare colorful coral formations. The carved landscape, cave grottoes, and pretty seahorses are just the tip of the iceberg. Painted parrotfish and grand emperor fish can all be found ducking in and out of the coral making for a rainbow playground under the sea.

Sweet Dreams

Even the name sounds as blissful as the sights you will see beneath the sparkling waters. However the dive is not as calm as the title suggests and experienced divers only are fit to drift with the strong currents. Still, with soft coral blooming, turtles meandering and an exotic range of big fish you can dive from the sundeck of MY Starfire into this bountiful paradise.

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Bari Reef

Spongers, groupers and feather gorgons are just a snippet of what sits in the shallows of the Bari Reef. The soft turquoise shallow water ensures that everyone can enjoy a stress free dive sprinkled with sunshine. Elegant angel fish flit dreamily around your feet and midnight dives when the moon hangs in the bough are extremely popular in this pristine spot.

Hilma Hooker

The cargo ship that drifted to the bottom of the seas around Bonaire offers exceptional diving for those who love to explore wrecks. Tipped on its side on the seabed the whole surface of the ship has been coated in burnt orange coral which flames spectacularly against the blue. Eels wheel in and out of the broken ship and hundreds of flittering fish come down to nibble.

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1,000 Steps

You may find the trek down to the shore a little tiring but there are only 64 and not the 1,000 found in the name. High rising coral greets you as soon as you sink down and the pagoda like structure provides shelter for the teeming reef fish that like to lay their eggs in the strange coral formations. Whale sharks sometimes pass by and you are sure to see a few turtles floating around.

Alice in Wonderland

Enter an exciting world with the Alice in Wonderland dive, the double reef can be quite the adrenaline fuelled experience but you are sure to see plenty of outstanding sights in between the Crayola colored corals and down in the deep sapphire blue depths.

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The fern like black coral is very much like entering the dark heart of a fairy tale forest and is sure to take your breath away. Down into the depths at 75 feet you will stumble across a large carved cave where the green moray and the loggerhead turtles like to call home.

Salt Pier

Fall down past rising grand pillars adorned in colorful sponges and crusted over with bright coral. The shadowy salt waters seem to filter the sunlight in a magical fashion so you feel as though you have dipped into another world. Hordes of fish flit here and there making for a delectable dive that is sure to satiate.

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This charming shady dive site is perfect for those days when you want a relaxing and slow paced dive without the challenges of the sea. Snorkelers and divers will adore the calm serenity that washes up onshore and of course you can still see plenty of turtles, rays and reef fish before sitting on the sandy banks and eating lunch.

Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
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