Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants in Oslo

Norwegians are quite open to international cuisine. But the traditional produce and techniques still hold a special place in their minds and hearts.When you are in Osloit’s best to get a taste of traditional Norwegian. But that doesn’t limit the palate; you can also try out Mexican, Contemporary or Chinese delicacies.

We have put together a list of some of the best places to eat when you are in Oslo.

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo


A Gourmet Experience in a Historic Site

Housed in the handsome Statholdergaarden building (from which it derives its name) with remarkable ceilings, the restaurant is the brainchild of the first Norwegian to win the prestigious Bocuse d’Or, Bent Stiansen. Featuring fresh, seasonal produce, the day menu and the complementary wine list is sure to impress even the finickiest eater.

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo


A Sleek and Contemporary Culinary Presentation

A modern look complete with glass panels and a kitchen where you can get a glimpse of the chefs at work characterize the Michelin-starred restaurant. A seasonal menu replete with creative and innovative renditions of Scandinavian dishes and a choice between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages make it a gratifying experience.

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo


An Elegant Fine Dining Experience

Reopened in 2011, the restaurant features stylish décor with hints of contemporary Norwegian and international art. The menu is expressive of the Norwegian produce with an impression of the Nordic style. Each dish is created to perfection and presented to delight your senses.

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo

De Fem Stuer

A Culinary Surprise in a Romantic Setting

A historic locale, a wonderful ambience and a beautiful view create the idyllic scene suitable for a romantic dinner. The hot and cold dishes featuring seafood, meat and poultry draw inspiration from around the world. Beautiful cheese platters and delectable desserts follow the main course.

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo

Palace Grill

A Small Gem with a Personality of its Own

When your idea of a dinner is to sit down to a cozy meal prepared with the best ingredients and paired with the finest wines, this is the place to be. The beautiful music from the kitchen, the eclectic and somewhat eccentric décor and the awesome food and wine make this informal place a preferred choice.

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo

Alex Sushi

A Taste of Exquisite Japanese Delicacies

If you are in the mood for some serious sushi while in Oslo, this is the place to be. A minimalist approach to décor with an industrial touch and juxtaposed with vibrant artwork creates an interesting interior. The light and open feel of the restaurant provides an ideal backdrop for the sumptuous Japanese dishes served here.

34 Restaurant??? A Slice of European Novelty in a Picturesque Backdrop

34 Restaurant

A Slice of European Novelty in a Picturesque Backdrop

Located on the 34th floor of the Plaza Hotel in Oslo, the restaurant and bar offer striking views of the cityscape. Spend your leisure with a beautiful cocktail while you soak up the vivid facets of the city. And when you are there, make sure you get a taste of the oyster menu. It’s absolutely scrumptious!

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo


An Intimate Affair with Gorgeous Food

The intimate atmosphere of the classy restaurant prepares you for the food that follows. Beautifully cooked seafood, delicately presented duck, opulent looking cheese and yummy desserts add to the delicious affair. The wine pairing contributes the right dash of loveliness to the palate.

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo

Solsiden Restaurant

An Allusion to the Sea on the Plate

Set on the historic quay just below the Akershus Castle, the restaurant offers an exclusive view of the stunning seafront. And the tasty seafood prepared with fresh and organic ingredients create the best complement to the views. The exceptional wine list is the perfect accompaniment to the fine foods.

Top 10 Exclusive Restaurants in Oslo


A Novel Approach to Culinary Joy

With a name derived from Knut Hamsun’s novel ‘Sult’, the restaurant offers a dynamic experience for gastronomes. The menu presents a singular aspect; it’s made as a novel with a prolog, chapters and epilog. Each element brings out the best of seasonal produce and traditional cooking techniques complemented by an exclusive wine list.

Just make sure you book a table before you land up here for a gourmet experience.

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