Top 10 Nightclubs in Europe for Dancing

Europe was always notable for its culture and history. However, more and more visitors are flocking to this continent for its modern state of the art clubs. There are clubs and bars to suit all tastes. Top international DJs are regularly flown in for guest appearances at these top venues that Europe has to offer.


Pacha, Ibiza, Spain

Opened in 1973, this club enjoys its position as one of the best party venues for jetsetters still today. Specializing in house music, it features five different rooms where you can get a taste of other variants of music too. The club is also the venue of the annual DJ Awards.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Pacha Ibiza Spain


Yalta, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s most committed clubbers regularly make a pilgrimage to this 1000-person capacity venue. It is undoubtedly the centre of top quality dance music in the country, and has attracted many top DJs to keep the crowds partying all night.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Yalta Sofia Bulgaria


Club Midi, Transylvania, Romania

The décor may be minimalist and not at all like the opulence of some clubs, but this venue is geared for sophisticated dance music enthusiasts. The more underground fans will be enthralled by the recent DJs who have visited this electric venue.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Club Midi Transylvania Romania


Roxy Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

This venue was a pre World War cinema and the chill room is located in a medieval basement. This might prepare you for the more abrasive dance music that you will find here. Although you might hear d&b and dubstep, more recently deep house and techno have been favored.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Roxy Prague Czech Republic


Rex Club, Paris, France

Rex Club is the centre of the Parisian clubbing world. It opened in 1988 and has been dedicated to dance music for over two decades. This venue boasts top notch residents and incredible bookings to make this one of the top 100 clubs worldwide.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Rex Club Paris France


Cacao Beach, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

For an incredible party in a luxury setting, look no further than Cacao Beach. Not only does it have amazing bookings for great parties, it also boasts decking, sun loungers on the shore and uninterrupted views of breathtaking sunrises.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Cacao Beach Sunny Beach Bulgaria


Arma 17, Moscow, Russia

Arma 17 is regarded as the best club to visit in the whole of Eastern Europe. Although Russia is associated with trance and hard dance, this club boasts techno bookings that will excite the most sophisticated followers.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Arma 17 Moscow Russia


Tabarin, Brno, Czech Republic

In 1991, this single room venue emerged as a top dance destination. Originally a live music café, this club is now dedicated to the electronic dance music movement. Catch top EDM names at this magical club.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Tabarin Brno Czech Republic


BCM, Mallorca, Spain

BCM’s subtitle ‘Planet Dance’ tells you all you need to know. See the world’s top acts in what is regarded as one of the top 5 clubs throughout the world. The sound in this 3000-person capacity venue has to be heard to be believed.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues BCM Mallorca Spain


Ministry of Sound, London, United Kingdom

Ministry opened in 1991 and is one of the most well-known clubs in the world and is listed in the top 20 globally. And it’s not difficult to see why. The incredible sound system showcases the top international house DJs that are flown in on a regular basis.

Top 10 European Nightlife Venues Ministry of Sound London United Kingdom

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